The Art: Pet Bunny Inspires Woman’s Inner Artist – Cross Timbers Gazette | South Denton County | Flower Mound – cialisdfr
The Art: Pet Bunny Inspires Woman’s Inner Artist – Cross Timbers Gazette |  South Denton County |  Flower Mound
The Art: Pet Bunny Inspires Woman’s Inner Artist – Cross Timbers Gazette |  South Denton County |  Flower Mound

By Elizabeth Brannon

What does an artist do? talent? Inspiration? An opportunity? devotion? Let’s let Baxter help us tell Lynn Izganik’s story of how she became an artist later in life.

Lynn is a native of Philadelphia. She has been an avid art lover all her life, but has not really tried any of the arts until recently. She enjoys pets, the visual arts, museums, musicals and the written word. She spent 25 years raising her children, being a part-time yoga instructor, working for the YMCA, and taking care of her family.

Along the way, Lynn’s children told her to go find art classes, but in her seven moves around the country, she was never able to find art classes for adults. Lynn’s mother constantly encourages Lynn to write down her stories, not just share them like a troubadour would. Her husband Joe had a great career and thanks to his success the whole family, including Baxter, had a wonderful life.

Fifteen years ago, Lynn found a silver-black Dutch bunny in a pet store. He had a turquoise tattoo in his ear, indicating that he was a pureblood. He was a show bunny and considered an exotic pet. The bunny’s captivating blue eyes matched the blue eyes of Lin’s entire family, so it was love at first sight. They adopted Baxter and the pet became an integral part of their lives. Baxter was a pampered, well cared for, happy, stubborn, playful and rambunctious bunny with lots of character. Baxter even chased the family dogs, who were afraid of Baxter. Along the way, Baxter became Lynn’s pet, and Baxter traveled in his cage with the family on their trips around the US, in their cars or trucks (he disliked bus travel and was not allowed to travel on airplanes). Some of the rest stops along the way were specifically for Baxter. Baxter’s identity as a traveling bunny was real.

After Lynn realized she was an empty nester, it dawned on her that it was finally HER turn to do something for herself and find her niche in life. Four years ago Lynn opened art classes for adults through Studio Art House. In these classes, Lynn learns about painters, watercolors, charcoal, pastels, oils, portrait painting, illustration, ink, graphite drawing, and even explores how to write a children’s book.

Dutch bunnies usually live up to 9 years, but Baxter made it to 15 because he lived the good life. When Baxter died, Lynn was heartbroken and found solace in writing about Baxter. Almost by accident and after a year and a half of effort, all of Lynn’s artistic talent came together in the form of her first book, Baxter the Wandering Bunny. The self-published book combines Lynn’s talent for writing, poetry, watercolor, ink drawings and storytelling.

Baxter the Traveling Bunny is an easy-to-read, charming and colorful story for 2-5 year olds, told in rhyme. What makes it unique is that it is a story about a real bunny that goes on a journey. Lynn’s first book is available in paperback from Studio Art House and is available online through Barnes and Noble, Amazon and many others. It is available for e-book and the book has a Facebook page.

Lynn admits that she is not trying to become a “professional” artist, but wants to live her life without stress and with joy and art. The joy and comfort of writing, drawing and painting Baxter’s story has opened up a world of art for Lynn and for the children who read and learn about Baxter, the Traveling Bunny. Lynn is planning additional books and is available to share her book through readings at elementary schools and other venues for young children. Lin’s journey can and should be an encouragement to anyone interested in creating art, no matter when the opportunity presents itself in life.

Elizabeth Brannon serves on the City of Flower Mound’s Cultural Arts Commission.

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