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Lindenhurst students engaged in arts, sciences
Lindenhurst students engaged in arts, sciences

LINDENHURST, N.Y. — March was a busy month in Lindenhurst schools.

High school thespians enjoy the spring production


The Lindenhurst High School Thespian Troupe and Music Department presented a successful spring production of Little Shop of Horrors in March. Audiences were captivated by this rock musical’s story of love and ambition, as well as its man-eating plant.

Lead actor David Schrader played the hapless hero Seymour, while Julie Ricotta played his flower shop colleague and secret crush Audrey. In a remarkable feat of puppetry and talent, the play’s killer plant, Audrey II, was brought to life by students Bean Cameron and John Delio and voiced by Phoenix DeRoche. Isla Jennings played greedy store owner Mr. Mushnik, Riley Buckley played Audrey’s abusive dentist boyfriend Dr. Orrin Scrivello.

Riley Buckley played Audrey’s abusive dentist boyfriend Dr. Orrin Scrivello. (Lindenhurst School District)

Cassandra Herador, Zayla Rodriguez, and Chihiro Hall played the narrators Chrysal, Ronette, and Chiffon, respectively.

Cassandra Herrador, Zayla Rodriguez and Chihiro Hall were narrators in the play. (Lindenhurst School District)

Together, the cast brought Skid Row—the late setting of the play—to life, much to the delight of the audience.

Julie Ricotta played Audrey, Seymour’s colleague and secret crush. (Lindenhurst School District)

Little Shop of Horrors was held on March 15 and 16, with a special free performance for senior citizens of the community on March 13.

Visiting academics from St. John’s U. They Talk About AI and Classroom Impact

Visiting academics from St. John’s University recently visited Lindenhurst High School for a comprehensive discussion on artificial intelligence and the impact this rapidly developing technology can have in the classroom.

Dr. James Wolfinger, Dean of the School of Education; Dr Heather Robertson, Chair of Mental Health Consultancy; Dr. Xiajun Chen, Faculty of Curriculum and Instruction; and Robert Cote, director of development/planned giving at St. John’s met with student representatives, teachers and district administrators for the discussion, which took place in the high school library.

The group talked about the concerns surrounding the use of AI, the strengths and weaknesses of the technology as it exists today, the ways it can be used as a learning tool, and its potential impact on the job market. The fruitful conversation allowed different parties to express how they view AI and potentially help shape school policy around its use.

Computer science and physics students take a field trip to Stony Brook

Physics and computer science students from Lindenhurst High School recently took a trip to Stony Brook University to learn more about quantum computing. The visit gave students a hands-on opportunity to see and learn about cutting-edge computer science principles.

Quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize computing and perform tasks many times faster than today’s most advanced traditional computers. Stony Brook has become a research center for this emerging technology, and Lindenhurst students have had the opportunity to interact with the experts in computer science, mathematics and physics who are developing this potentially revolutionary technology.

(Lindenhurst School District)

The students also took part in some hands-on activities and experiments that demonstrated some of the theory behind quantum physics and quantum computing.

(Lindenhurst School District)

The students were from Mr. Habibi’s computer science and Mr. Smith’s physics classes.

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