[ART1] Card Game Artwork: Live☆Twin & Evil★Twin – cialisdfr
[ART1] Card Game Artwork: Live☆Twin & Evil★Twin
[ART1] Card Game Artwork: Live☆Twin & Evil★Twin

Every vtuber gets canceled sooner or later, it can go out with a bang

TL Note: You can find more information on Live☆Twin/Evil★Twin general lore in our VBEX article.
Live☆Ki-sikil and Lil-la twins
Full Art:

Live☆Twin Ki-sikil Frost & Lil-la Treat

TL Note: We’ve previously translated most of the notes for this one in the VBEX article. Below are the new notes:

Curve ball:

“I’m trying something out of the ordinary, but really what is it?”


“The snowman series as a custom, but whether that’s what they wanted, that’s another story”


TL note: Depending on the context, it can mean either “I recommend this one” among costume variations from a design point of view or in the context of idol/vtuber fandom, “this is my oshi”.

Lil-la’s outfit:

Ki-leg: “H-So after all, what’s this after?”
Lil-la: “It’s a monster that eats a lot of candy… it was born from Ki-Sikil’s hair accessory(s)”
Ki-leg: “Are you seriously mentioning that reference now?”

TL note: This is a reference to a note in the reference art of Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuouswhere she is described as “a type who eats a lot [of rice]”. This goofy detail became a viral joke among some OCG players.

Miscellaneous Room Notes:

Left wall: “dart board”
Visible wall: “Neon Sign”
below: “Stairs from the previous floor”

Red: “The huge neon sign from the building next door is visible through the window”
Left side wall: “Lots of LIVE TWIN stickers on the wall”
Ceiling: “[Disco/Mirror] ball”
Left chair: “Rabbit Chair”
Right chair: “Deer Chair”

Top left: “Some neon lights where the password is”
Top right: “A lot [Polaroid-like] pictures of corkboard”
Bottom left rectangle: “masterpieces” (TL note: possibly stolen artwork)
Bottom right: “Sofa”

Another wall:



Left: “Basically a great secret base decorated as if it had been invaded by little accessories”
right: “There are lots of plushies and all kinds of pillows”

Current room:

“Let’s just say the gift room is a different room”

Illustrator’s Comment:

Ki-sikil and Lil-la’s avatar shapes are distinctive enough so they haven’t been changed since the beginning, but I adjusted the head and body 3-4 times. They ended up being the head/body I was looking for. I think the chibi looks like a tuon [style] it’s great, isn’t it?

Evil★Twins Ki-sikil and Lil-la
Full Art:

TL Note: We have previously translated most of the notes here in our VBEX article. For some reason the note about “It’s supposed to look like the holograms are being generated by the suits?” it is now written as a statement rather than a question.

Holographic lines:

“Do the holograms come out of these lines?”


Evil★Twin Ki-sikil and Lil-la #2
Full Art:

Evil★Twin’s Trouble Sunny & Live☆Twin Sunny’s Snitch
Full Art:


“Outlaw agents just like the Evil Twins. They trap the “Evil★Twin”

Sunny and Luna:

Left: “Sunny: Leader of Sunny [group/troupe]”
right: “Luna: Superhuman Perfect Companion”


Solar -> Moon: “Her Idealized Future Self”
Moon -> Solar:
Luna: “Sunny-sama, so what you’re saying is…”
Sunny: “T-right, that’s what I was trying to say!”

TL note: This last note is the usual trope where one character tries to act grand but is actually clumsy with words and another smarter character continues their speech for them, only for the first character to interrupt and says that was their intended speech all along. It should be noted that Luna uses very polite language with Sunny.


“Unlike Ki-sikil and Lil-la, as they go for a more organized look, I tried to use a white base tone and an exotic feel.”

Design #2:

“I designed [the outfits] like regular clothes, but would it be better to design them with special costumes like the evil twins…?”

Sunny-sama’s avatar:

Top: “‘Sunny-sama’ was designed by Sunny using Luna as the basis for her idealized future self”
Left: “Design aside, it gives off a similar vibe to Luna”

Actual Size Comparison:

“The opposite sense of what Ki-sikil and Lil-la’s avatar is like versus reality”

Live☆Ki-sikil and Lil-la twins, various photos:

Ki-leg: “Huh? What did you say? That I’m empty inside?’ “Wait, wouldn’t that make me the strongest?”
Lil-la: “Ah, what a relief…”

TL Note: This may be in relation to something else we don’t know about. The general idea is that Ki-sikil goes from being angry at some comment to mysteriously concluding that it must be a compliment, at which point Lil-la realizes that everything is back to normal.

Illustrator’s Comment:

“I was drawing the Evil Twins (Ki-sikil and the others) and the Living Twins at the same time, so I had very little time for that. So I’m throwing out a lot of pictures here that I couldn’t quite finish. The ads in the background are fun ideas that I came up with while having idle conversations and randomly drawing, then were graciously accepted. As for Sunny, of course, but I also managed to get Luna’s avatar form out there for the world to see.”

Evil★Twin Ki-sikil & Lil-la, alternate artwork
Full Art:

Ki-Foot Hologram:

right: “Hologram”
Bottom left: “About 20 cm”

Ki-sikil Hair:

“Uncut Short Hair”

Ki-sikil hair #2:

Top: “Hair Change ☆ If it’s for Lil-la, cutting her hair is no big deal”
right: “Pink, Gray, Extensions”

Lil-la Hair:

Bun and Double Ponytail

Lil-la Hair #2:

“Water [blue]gray, extensions”

Ki-sikil belt buckles:

“[Killer whale/orca]” [fins]

Lil-la Belt Buckles:

“Shark” [fins]

Back view of their coats while worn properly:

Lil-la Rap #1:

Ki-leg: “Huh? Do you really do it? Will you rap, Lil-la?’
Lil-la: “You mean ‘Lil-la Rap’ YO”

Dollar signs: “MONEY”

Lil-la Rap #2:

Lil-la: “Yes, of course I will. I wanted new clothes…”
Ki-leg: “Stop, I never said you could mess with my avatar! (Wow, she’s really into it)”
Lil-la: “Don’t worry, I’ll just create an avatar for you Kil~”

*sliding motion*

Lil-la rap #3:

“And that’s how we got the new YO outfits”

Lil-la Rap #4:

Ki-leg: “If we miss this chance (collaboration), we will never have a concert like this again. We’re talking about THE momgiapproxlualready, you know. Also, Luna…”
Ki-leg: “Oh can I remember LUNA something about her?”

TL note: The info card for DJ Magicaluna is cut off before any sentences are finished, so it’s impossible to make out what he’s supposed to be saying. Likewise, Lil-la’s speech is cut off so her motives aren’t entirely clear. It is possible that the Moon is close to Sunny, and since the group Sunny is more popular than the Live Twins, it could be for fame or additional opportunities to get better paying gigs (as implied by the dollar sign).

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