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After appearing with the Rock and John Cena, the rise of WWE has never been better. The company seems to know where they’re headed, and while they sometimes have a few visible legends, they’re starting to look to younger talent to deliver more.

Likewise, AEW recently released Adam Copeland, formerly known as “Edge” in the WWE, and has been building himself up. He gave the fans a couple of first one-on-one matches that were very old.

Both companies have very talented wrestlers who put on amazing performances every week, and this past week was no different. Here are the top wrestling matches from last week:

Bryan Danielson vs. Bryan Danielson Andrade The Idol (AEW Collision, October 21)

After what was billed as a dream match, Bryan Danielson took on Andrade El Idolo in a grueling one-on-one match. Professional Danielson in the ring is always amazing, and seeing El Idolo go at it with Danielson with his speed and power was pure magic. Machops delivered by El Idolo reddened Danielson’s chest, but this did not prevent the “American Dragon” from taking out his back. The highlight of the match was a dropkick that sent Danielson out of the ring and saw El Idolo follow up with a double moonsault. They continued to go forward, finishing the first round of the match, as Danielson pinned El Idolo for the three count.

Charlotte Flair vs. That Sky (WWE Friday Night Smackdown, October 20)

This may be repetitive, but every time these two get in the ring together, it’s special. Meanwhile, Sky hit Flair with a suplex, throwing missiles and a powerbomb from the top rope, and more offense. On the flip side, Flair modified several of Sky’s moves, including incorporating the Boston Crab submission into his routine. They reversed the hurricanrana where Flair used the momentum to grab Sky and drop him face first on the ring apron, with a crossbody from Sky that led to Flair hitting a slam off the top rope. Flair looked to have won the match after a spear, but Sky’s Damage CTRL team moved Sky’s leg to the ropes to avoid the three count. When Flair tried another spear, Sky illegally had his championship belt on him to catch Flair’s move so he could steal the win. Although Flair lost, he avoided a full-on beating by Sky and company thanks to Bianca Belair making her return to Flair’s aid.

Kyle Fletcher vs. Kenny Omega (AEW Dynamite, October 18)

Kyle Fletcher’s nickname should be “The Flash” because of the speed he gave to Kenny Omega. With the two having similar arsenals of suplexes, running kicks and knees, there were many moments that I thought would end the match, but both competitors showed great courage. I should also mention how amazing Omega and Fletcher are, meaning they know exactly how to pull off moves to make their opponents look strong. After a high knee that sent Fletcher to the mat, Omega got him back up for his Angel One and the victory.

Ricochet vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Monday Night Raw, October 16)

Due to his near fall count, the match took Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura from the ring to the back, and to the crowd. There was no limit to the creativity of these great artists. At one point, Ricochet climbed through the crowd and jumped onto the steps to hit Nakamura with a star press, which wasn’t much. Unfortunately for Ricochet, it wasn’t enough to pull off the win, and after the two returned to the ring, Nakamura sent Ricochet off the top rope straight into a table. Nakamura followed up with a table position and a finisher to win with Ricochet.

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