Women’s business networking group WIN is celebrating its relaunch with an event on Tuesday evening

Women’s business networking group WIN is celebrating its relaunch with an event on Tuesday evening

Women’s business networking group WIN is celebrating its relaunch with an event on Tuesday evening
The Women’s Inspired Network is one of Park City Children’s favorite meeting places.
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Women’s Inspired Network (WIN), An organization dedicated to connecting and empowering female business owners in the Park City area is relaunching. With a renewed mission, new leadership and a renewed focus on engagement and impact, WIN aims to become a significant force in the local business landscape for women.

WIN relaunch event on Tuesday At Shamanic Twist in Kamas from 6 to 8 p.m., promises an engaging line-up of activities. Attendees can expect a presentation (TBA) accompanied by wine and food. The purpose of the event is to foster a sense of camaraderie through interactive exercises, encouraging participants to connect and create lasting relationships. The new team is eager to share their ideas for the group and expects creative feedback from its members. The event will have an annual membership fee of $125.

In 2015, Kathleen Barlow founded WIN with a vision to co-create connection, inspiration and growth as a collective of women in the Park City Region. Recently, Barlow and new co-director Kirsten Gunnerud surveyed existing email lists for valuable insights. Hundreds of women responded, wanting more connections, opportunities to grow and learn new skills, and more joyful experiences.

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Women’s Inspired Network meeting at Kiln Park City, a co-working space near Kimball Junction.
Women’s Inspired Network

“We understand the need for face-to-face community,” Barlow said. “This is a community of business women who support each other. Women who own their own businesses, women who work for others, women who are trying to figure out what they want to do, and even retired women.”

A restarted WIN will focus on:

  • Diversity: WIN is committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for women of all backgrounds and experiences.
  • Impact Scholarship Program: WIN will continue to raise money for college scholarships for high school girls in the Summit County area.
  • Mentoring and community.

“I think we need to come back together, build relationships, especially after what we’ve been through the last four years,” Barlow said. “We should help each other and have fun together. I believe that we will be stronger when we support each other.”

WIN also created a 501(c)(3) — WIN For Good — to get more donors for the scholarship program.

“We’ve rebuilt this entire organization in less than three months, and it’s pretty incredible,” Gunnerud said. “I was amazed at how deeply the community wanted this. I knew it was valuable, but I didn’t realize its depth. I also realized how committed our local community is to creating any positive change. The more we do at home, the bigger the impact we can make.”

Gunnerud owns Rocket Trike, the brand strategist behind the popular “What Happens Here, Stays Here” campaign for Las Vegas. Being co-director of WIN fits Gunnerud’s goals for himself and his business.

“This work brought a city/brand that was struggling to thrive because we found its truth, embraced it, built alignment around it, and refined that truth not just in messaging, but in everything—the product, the services, the experience,” Gunnerud said. “We’re on the 20th anniversary of introducing it to the world (during the Super Bowl) and it’s getting a lot of press. All I do is find the gold, the heart and soul of things, create alignment, and transform people and brands from struggle to growth—which is shockingly easy when we embrace the truth, the heart, and the soul.”

The relaunch of the Women’s Inspired Network is a testament to the continued need for organizations that support and empower women business owners. With a focus on the theme of “Connect, Inspire, Grow,” WIN aims to make a difference in the lives of women in Park City.

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