Who is Jared Goff’s mysterious girlfriend Christen Harper?  Meet the Sports Illustrated swimmer who was part of the Detroit Lions quarterback after the heartbreak of the NFC Championship.

Who is Jared Goff’s mysterious girlfriend Christen Harper? Meet the Sports Illustrated swimmer who was part of the Detroit Lions quarterback after the heartbreak of the NFC Championship.

  • The two met on a dating show and confirmed their relationship in 2019
  • The brand and the quarterback were engaged in a beach proposal in June 2022
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Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff’s chances at a Super Bowl ring were further undermined Sunday after the San Francisco 49ers’ victory in the NFC Championship game.

Comforting Goff was his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated swimmer Christen Harper, who was on the field at Levi’s Stadium.

Harper has fully embraced being an NFL WAG, not afraid to show love in person or on social media to the former Los Angeles Rams quarterback.

Harper, 30, is a year older than Goff, who turned 29 in October.

Here, DailyMail.com explores everything you need to know about Harper, his relationship with Goff, and how he found fame in Sports Illustrated…

Christen Harper wore a Lions jacket and jeans on the steps at the NFC Championship game
Harper has been supporting his NFL teammates since he played in Los Angeles and Detroit

Harper’s modeling career

As a way to finance college, Harper began producing at the age of 20.

Harper made a big splash in fashion when she appeared in the Sports Illustrated 2021 swimsuit edition, after being selected in the same ‘Swimsuit Hunt’.

She was also named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Co-Rookie of the Year in 2022.

Harper also appeared in last year’s swimsuit issue.

Harper has been featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue twice, making her debut in 2021.
Harper has been spotted in local magazines wearing several different bikinis

Time of Goff’s relationship with Harper

The pair matched on the dating show Raya in 2018, the same show where fellow NFL WAG and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and her now-husband, Green Bay Packers defensive end Jonathan Owens, met in 2020.

Harper insisted she wasn’t looking for anything serious to go on her first date with Goff, but she was intrigued when she met the Los Angeles Rams quarterback for the first time.

Goff and Harper’s love was confirmed in February 2019 when they went to Atlanta to watch the Rams play the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII in person.

Harper and Goff left Los Angeles for Detroit in March 2021, when they were traded from the Rams to the Lions.

Goff proposed to Harper on June 16, 2022 on the beach, while Harper showed off her diamond ring on Instagram a few days later.

While the quarterback Goff traded, Matthew Stafford, led Los Angeles to the Super Bowl in February 2022, Goff helped the Lions win their first game in more than three years with Harper by his side.

Harper often posts about Goff on her Instagram as she embraces the WAG lifestyle
Goff proposed to Harper on a remote beach in 2022 and the two never married

Other works by Harper

Harper has an official IMDb page, with four credits. Most notably, he was in an episode of the 2006 TV show ‘Entourage.’ She is known as ‘Teenage Girl No 1’ along with Adrian Grenier’s group.

Not on IMDb was an appearance on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ in August 2020.

Harper also worked with the Lions other WAGs, renting a party bus for Detroit’s Divisional win around Tampa Bay.

He also created the Planted app, which is ‘an app to support your mind, body and soul,’ according to his Instagram.

Goff and Harper have not publicly announced their marriage, but as NFL WAG Hannah Ann Sluss of ‘Bachelor’ fame revealed, many players and significant others tie the knot during the game.

After Sunday’s loss in San Francisco, wedding bells may be ringing soon for the couple.

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