Vonage Research reveals that 80% of APAC customers would take their business elsewhere after a bad experience.

Vonage Research reveals that 80% of APAC customers would take their business elsewhere after a bad experience.


The data highlights the ways AI can bring 24/7 immediacy with automation and personalization. continuous communication between different communication channels

SINGAPORE, 25 January 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications that helps businesses accelerate digital transformation and part of Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), has released its 2024 Global Customer Engagement Report. The 12th annual report provides information and insights. Focus on the way customers interact with businesses, highlighting emerging trends that highlight the importance of augmenting these interactions with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance customer engagement. The 2024 report is based on nearly 7,000 consumer responses from 17 countries, including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

The role of AI to reduce frustration and deliver great CX

Global data shows that consumers continue to prefer a range of channel options when communicating with businesses, with mobile phone calls (36%), messaging/non-SMS apps (31%) and app phone calls (29%) being the most preferred. . However, less than half (42%) said they were “very satisfied” when communicating with businesses.

Consumers in APAC found that mobile phone calls (73%) were the most common method used by customers to communicate with businesses, followed by phone calls via messaging apps (60%), messaging via non-SMS apps (64%), e -mails (50%) and social media posts (47%).

Consumers cited long wait times to speak with an agent (63%), inability to speak to customer service via voice/phone (59%), lack of 24/7 support (48%) and lack of self-service. – service support (46%).

The report found that APAC customers (80%) would take their business elsewhere as a result of bad experiences, and 61% of consumers would not tolerate bad experiences and would walk away after just one or two bad encounters.

These findings highlight the possibilities of using AI. With tools like AI-powered virtual assistants, businesses can enable faster resolution, reduce frustration, and ultimately provide a more targeted and personalized experience for the user, including:

  • Respond to urgent customer inquiries

  • Deliver smarter self-service at scale

  • Deliver intelligent IVR (interactive voice response) and skills-based routing to connect customers with the most appropriate agent to handle their queries, preventing and mitigating bad customer experience.

The report findings show that consumers are using artificial intelligence to make their experience better. In fact, responses indicate that chatbot and video chat usage is likely to more than double over the next year, with 10% using chatbots today and 23% expected to use them in the next 6-12 months. Additionally, 13% said they use video chat today, and 26% say they will use it in the next 6-12 months.

Commenting on the report’s findings, Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer at Vonage, emphasizes the importance of these findings in shaping the customer experience (CX): “This data highlights that businesses need an omnichannel communication strategy that empowers customers to differentiate customer engagement. They will be able to communicate seamlessly through their preferred channels. Those who do will also enable them to enhance live customer support by leveraging the powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence across communication channels such as voice, video, messaging and chat. a long way to provide personal and real-time customer engagement at every touch point.

“Metrigy is coming AI for Business Success The study shows significant growth for AI-enabled technologies, with 38% of CX leaders saying 2024 will be a turning point for AI adoption in CX, up from 17% in 2023,” says Metrigy CEO Robin Gareiss. “Companies adopting and integrating AI and automating their CX processes have documented compelling success rates with improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as agent efficiency. Companies that don’t use AI in an omnichannel environment are already at a competitive disadvantage, so it’s important to create a targeted AI strategy now.”

Positive CX Creates Loyal Brand Ambassadors

It’s clear that great experiences create valuable brand ambassadors, with 56% of consumers saying they would offer positive survey feedback after a great experience with a business and 55% would share their experience with friends and family. Even better, more than half (52%) of customers report increased brand loyalty after such an encounter, and more than a third (36%) go as far as purchasing additional products.

Corso added: “This report highlights the ability of businesses using AI across communication channels to facilitate meaningful, intelligent conversations that drive loyalty, build long-term customer relationships and ultimately increase sales.”

The Global Customer Engagement survey was conducted in October 2023 and looked at the various channels customers use to communicate with friends, family and businesses, including voice, messaging, email, social media, chat and more. and the great value of delivery has been explored. excellent customer service.

Read the Vonage Global Customer Engagement Report 2024 for more information.

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