VCU Health launches United Nations brand platform

VCU Health launches United Nations brand platform

Danielle Pierce

No matter who you are, no matter who you come to us, we are unconditionally committed to helping you live your best life. We go to great lengths to ensure that everyone we treat receives world-class care.

This is a powerful brand statement at the heart of VCU Health’s new brand platform.

The “UN” brand captures feedback and input from thousands of patients, team members and the community to tell the story of VCU Health’s unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional healthcare experience.

The new platform is rooted in nine interchangeable and customizable “UN” phrases, each carefully chosen to embody the spirit of VCU Health:

  • unwavering compassion
  • undeniable evidence
  • unbreakable determination
  • Unparalleled care
  • unyielding hope
  • incredible joy
  • Unlock answers
  • Unwavering dedication
  • unstoppable commitment

“These phrases were not chosen at random. They were determined after hearing from patients, patient families, team members, community members, partners and more,” said Marlon Levy, interim senior vice president for VCU Health Sciences and CEO of VCU Health Medicine said the doctor. “These words were chosen because they truly represent VCU Health.”

A group of team members from the hospital's facilities management department smile and hold up signs for photos. Symbols indicate compassion, hope, unbreakability, release and perseverance.

From the dedicated team members to the patients we serve, The “UN” brand platform provides us with a unique way to share the VCU Health story. (VCU Corporate Marketing and Communications)

The new platform is strategically aligned with VCU’s brand, giving all healthcare and academic campuses a more cohesive look and feel.

“This is the first brand platform to unite universities and health systems so that we can speak with one voice,” said Grant J. Heston, vice president of corporate marketing and communications. “This corporate brand demonstrates the unique excellence of VCU and VCU Health by focusing on what makes us unique – our people.”

The “UN” brand provides all VCU Health team members an opportunity to talk about what we do and who we are in a different way that sets us apart from other hospitals and health systems. It’s also a way for us to tell our story directly to the patients we serve.

“This platform was developed as a foundation on which we can tell the stories of our providers and team members and the work they do every day to maintain and restore the health of all people in Virginia and beyond. It provides a lens, allowing us to talk about who we are in a unique way,” said Kendra Gerlach, vice president of strategy and marketing at VCU Health. “When patients see our story and see our brand, my hope is that they find hope and assurance that when they come to us, they’re going to be well cared for.”

The new brand platform will officially kick off on Sunday, January 28 with the launch of new VCU Health advertising. Your local CBS affiliate will be watching these ads during the National Football League’s AFC Championship Game.

As part of the launch, VCU’s Center for Health Journalism will also publish a series of stories highlighting the platform. Last month, VCU Health team members were asked to share their stories and “UN” phrases at events across the health system. The excitement was palpable. Thousands of team members stopped to take photos, pick up gear and, in their own words, let us know what makes VCU Health so unique.

We’re excited to share some of these stories with you, starting with a fascinating story of unwavering devotion that took three VCU Health team members on a journey to reunite with a family member they had been separated for more than thirty years.

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