Travis Kelce admits he was a ‘shy kid’ growing up before gaining confidence through sports – despite being ‘comfortable’ in front of the camera.

Travis Kelce admits he was a ‘shy kid’ growing up before gaining confidence through sports – despite being ‘comfortable’ in front of the camera.

  • Kelce is one of the most marketable players in the world
  • But the Chiefs team said it took time for him to come out
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Believe it or not, but Travis Kelce has always had the confidence that makes him one of the best running backs in the world.

Just one week after his second consecutive Super Bowl appearance with the Kansas City Chiefs, Kelce talked about his childhood shyness and how sports helped him slowly come out of his shell.

The Chiefs star, whose famous romance with Taylor Swift has catapulted him into the limelight in recent months, is now a global celebrity and one of the tightest running backs in NFL history, meaning he’s demonstrating the seemingly impossible. ending the list of TV commercials today.

He has also launched a successful podcast with the brother of Eagles-star Jason, New Heights, which is viewed by millions almost a year and a half after its launch.

Yet surprisingly, Travis never became the larger-than-life figure he is known for today, a future NFL icon ‘shy kid’ before the game helped him show his true personality.

Travis Kelce says he was shy as a child
Kelce is now one of the best running backs in the world
Kelce, who worked out Friday ahead of next week’s Super Bowl, is one of the best running backs in the world.
He and teammate Patrick Mahomes (left) meet the San Francisco 49ers.
Kelce’s high profile romance with Taylor Swift has made him very popular.

‘Sports for me is where I developed my confidence,’ he said at a press conference on Friday. ‘Maybe you won’t believe me, but I was a shy kid growing up until I got to the playground, or the arena or the ice rink. So I kind of let my personality show.

‘I was having fun. I was doing well. And that has only inspired me to have confidence in life.’

No one seems to have more fun when the Chiefs are winning than Kelce.

As usual, the 34-year-old manned the microphone after last weekend’s Conference Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, who booked their spot in the Super Bowl for the second time in a row.

Kelce was heard shouting: ‘You gotta fight for your right to party!’

Asked how he got so comfortable with a microphone in his hand, he replied: ‘My mum’s home videos, dad.’

“Having a camera all the time, I see the stupid things I’m going to do,” Kelce continued.

‘Honestly, I’ve always been comfortable in the rooms I’ve been in, and luckily – I don’t know, I’ve been able to look into the camera easily, I think. I don’t know. Just having fun out there.’

But Kelce says he was always nervous as a kid when he thought about his trip to the game before the Super Bowl.
The 34-year-old also reminisced about the festivities he had with Swift in Baltimore last week

Kelce speaks as his team prepares for the Super Bowl on February 11 against the San Francisco 49ers.

She also thought about what happened last week when her family and boyfriend Swift celebrated with her on the field in Baltimore after beating the Ravens to reach another Super Bowl.

“It’s another memory from the trip that we got to love,” Kelce said. ‘I’m lucky that I have all the support I need from the field and it gives me a reason to play really hard, the people you just mentioned.’

Swift was on the field with her parents, Donna and Ed, and her older brother Jason as they celebrated the Chiefs winning the AFC Championship with a spectacular performance against the Ravens – the favorite to beat the Chiefs and go on to win the Super Bowl. .

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