This new Montebello business wants more access to healthier food in its town – Whittier Daily News

This new Montebello business wants more access to healthier food in its town – Whittier Daily News

Brian and Dasha Hunter, co-owners of the new TRU Bowl Superfood Bar in Montebello. The grand opening of the venue will be held on Saturday, February 3. (Photo by Christina Merino, Whittier Daily News/SCNG)

Having an accessible business for healthy food options in Montebello inspired co-owners Dasha and Brian Hunter to bring the TRU Bowl Superfood Bar franchise to town.

The couple is tired of having to leave Montebello to find healthy food options. Instead of moving to a place where they could find what they were looking for, their business backgrounds led them to open the establishment they were looking for and introduce it to the entire community.

“People have been saying this is a must-a healthy, clean option that’s definitely cost-effective,” Dasha Hunter said.

TRU Bowl Superfood Bar, a California-based chain of acai eateries and smoothie bars, was founded in 2018. It is now a family-owned and operated franchise with 10 locations, including Montebello.

The top priority is to provide fresh, high-quality ingredients with all the nutrients needed to “keep your mind and body strong and help you live a healthier lifestyle for all walks of life.”

Customers can choose from acai, pitaya, matcha, blue majik, TRU coconut, chia pudding, espresso chia pudding, overnight oats, mango, coca, and more. They can make their own acai bowls with several bases to choose from. They also include spinach, cabbage, oranges, pineapples, etc. like they offer freshly squeezed juices, raw smoothies and protein smoothies using all fresh ingredients.

“A franchise like TRU Bowl Superfood Bar was very important to us because they had a good rhythm,” Dasha said. “They already have a growing business, so we just thought, ‘Hey, Montebello needs a healthy establishment, why not go with a strong franchise like the TRU Bowl.’

The Montebello location soft-opened its doors in December, and since then, he says, more people have started coming in week after week.

Plenty of seating is available for customers to order their bowls, juices or smoothies and relax. The walls are decorated with neon signs and hand-drawn designs that Dasha and Brian have come up with for their personal touch to the local business.

Located on the Montebello Town Square, the TRU Bowl is adjacent to AMC Theaters. The owners have already said that they have established a relationship with the cinema. When customers come in after watching the movies, TRU Bowl is a healthy, accessible option for those looking for something to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

They have started building relationships with other local businesses.

“Other small businesses that have been in Montebello for many years, I think our biggest job is to show them that we’re here to support them and that we’re here to grow with them as they grow,” Brian Hunter said.

The owners and team at TRU Bowl in Montebello say they are excited and ready to educate people about the food they offer. From the variety of organic fruits and vegetables they use to the nutritional benefits of options like seaweed.

“We want to let people know that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring,” Dasha said. “It’s not just boring salads that people think of, we have beautiful bowls that people can fill up on, and it fills up.”

Another goal of the new TRU Bowl location is to provide excellent customer service.

“I love it here,” said Alyssa Escalante, manager of the Montebello location. “It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s always in a good mood.”

Most of the TRU Bowl staff is from Montebello.

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