Taylor County mental health facility man charged with murder

Taylor County mental health facility man charged with murder

Cory C. Carlson faces charges of first-degree intentional homicide and strangulation in the Jan. 14 death of Joseph Bonney.

MEDFORD – A Taylor County judge set Thursday $200,000 cash bail for a 37-year-old Medford man accused of killing a man at Almost Home Again, a mental health facility in Aurora Township. patient.

Cory C. Carlson, who spent the past two weeks at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute, died Thursday of 61-year-old Joseph B. Bonney A hearing was held on charges of first-degree intentional homicide and strangulation in the death of B. Bonney on January 14. Taylor County Circuit Judge Ann Knox-Bauer ordered Carlson to have no contact with Bonny’s family. She scheduled his next appearance for February 28.

According to the criminal complaint, on January 15 at approximately 12:50 p.m., an employee at Almost Home Again, located at 3531 Elder Drive, Aurora, walked into the room Carlson and Bonnie shared and asked if the two would like to participate group activity. therapy sessions. Carlson went to the meeting, but Bonnie stayed in the room and took a nap on the bed.

After the meeting, which ended at 1:18 p.m., Carlson returned to his room. At 1:30 p.m., Carlson asked to have his room vacuumed. About 15 minutes later, Carlson found the staff in the office area and asked them to check on Bonnie. Carlson said Bonnie “didn’t look good.”

Staff entered the room and found Bonnie unconscious, the complaint states. They tried to perform CPR on him, but he died. They found a piece of candy on his lips and another piece of the same candy in his hand.

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Staff called 911 to move residents from the building where Bonnie lay to another building, the complaint said. Officers looked at Bonnie and thought someone might have put candy on Bonnie to make it look like he was choking. They found some blood on Bonny’s sheets and bruises on his neck, the complaint states.

While police were still investigating in the room Bonnie and Carlson shared, Carlson got into an argument with another man and staff had to break him up. Carlson said the other man was verbally abusive to him. When a staff member said she didn’t believe the man called Carlson’s name, he said it could have been a voice in his head.

Carlson told police that Bonny had fallen asleep on his back with a piece of candy in his mouth. He also said Bonny may have suffocated himself because he thought he would not be able to leave the facility, the complaint states.

On January 15, a detective spoke with Carlson and asked him if he was involved in Bonny’s death. Carlson said no, but then said maybe, according to the complaint. He said he didn’t remember the details of the incident. Carlson said he heard voices. He said he couldn’t believe he heard them, but he did. He said they told him to do stupid things, but he couldn’t remember what he actually did, according to the complaint. He said he then realized he had actually done “that (expletive).”

The detective asked Carlson what he had done, but Carlson said he didn’t remember.

The Medford Police Department previously conducted a welfare check on Carlson on October 13. Carlson was sweating profusely and rocking back and forth, saying “I want to kill, I want to kill.” Police placed Carlson on an emergency mental health hold after the incident, according to the complaint.

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