Talkspace partners with Bicycle Health to support people with opioid use disorder

Talkspace partners with Bicycle Health to support people with opioid use disorder

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about 7.7 million adults Suffer from co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health problems, yet more than half receive no treatment. New digital health partnerships launched to support this population.

telemental health provider talking space Working with bike healtha virtual opioid use disorder provider, Inc. Announce Tuesday. New York-based Talkspace provides therapy, psychiatry and medication management services. It treats patients with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other conditions. Based in Boston, Bicycle Health provides medications for addiction treatment, therapy and peer support groups.

Through the partnership, Talkspace clinicians can refer patients with opioid use disorder to Bicycle Health for addiction services, and Bicycle Health can refer patients to Talkspace for treatment of co-occurring mental health issues. In addition to treating their own mental health, these patients can receive marriage and family therapy at Talkspace.

“Often, opioid use disorder is a co-occurring condition with mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as other behavioral health conditions,” said Ankit Gupta, CEO of Bicycle Health, interviewed. “We want to provide patients with a comprehensive model of care. While we have a strong national team of medication management providers, I think accessing behavioral health services is very challenging, so we’re very pleased that by partnering with Talkspace to provide behavioral health care, we’re able to address opioid use disorder and common issues. Mental health issues experienced by our patients. “

The two companies chose each other as partners because both have significant influence and work with payers. Bicycle Health has treated more than 33,000 patients in 32 states, and Talkspace reaches 130 million people in all 50 states.

“We wanted to make sure we were developing evidence-based programs, and we specifically sought out a partner who was as focused as we are on building third-party payer relationships,” said Talkspace Chief Commercial Officer Natalie Cummins in an interview. “Bicycle also works primarily with payers and is really focused on an evidence-based approach combined with payer coverage. The fit between Bicycle and Talkspace is really good.”

There is no shared revenue in the partnership. Instead, each company bills individually for its services.

The partnership between Talkspace and Bicycle Health comes as a growing number of digital health companies join forces to expand the range of support they can offer patients.Talk space has also recently partnership Partnering with Evernow to support women in perimenopause and menopause.Virtual psychiatry company Talkiatry recently Announce Partnering with NOCD, a virtual provider for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Vori Health is a company that treats musculoskeletal pain, Announce A partnership was launched in September with virtual opioid use disorder provider Ophelia.

Gupta said collaboration with other health care players is important to improve care coordination for patients.

“Telemedicine and virtual care were created in silos. … The more we can provide holistic care that really helps patients throughout their care continuum, the more we can integrate across systems, the more we can collaborate, share data and share information , the better we will be,” he said.

Cummins echoed Gupta’s comments, saying Talkspace is exploring additional partnerships in the future to support whole-person care.

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