Super Bowl 2024: Patrick Mahomes v Tom Brady – Could the Chiefs quarterback be the new goat?

Super Bowl 2024: Patrick Mahomes v Tom Brady – Could the Chiefs quarterback be the new goat?

Dates: January 13-28, 2024

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Tom Brady is universally recognized as the GOAT (greatest of all time) in the NFL. With seven Super Bowl wins in his 23 years of playing, he set standards and records that cannot be beaten.

Then came Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who, at age 28, will appear in his fourth Super Bowl on Sunday at the end of his seventh season in the league – and if he wins, he will match Brady’s three rings. . after his first seven campaigns.

Mahomes recreated the same indomitable and indomitable style that Brady had, leading the Chiefs to their fourth Super Bowl in five years with the kind of dominance not seen in the league since Brady led the mighty New England Patriots.

And in some statistical areas, Mahomes is already ahead of Brady, so the question must be asked: can he chase the goat?

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Two of Patrick Mahomes’ only three wins came against Tom Brady

Mahomes v Brady stats – how do they compare?

Both players played one game in their first year in the league, but over the next six years they have improved — and Mahomes has surpassed Brady in some spots.

Brady had an amazing start, winning the Super Bowl three times in his first four seasons, but Mahomes will have appeared in four big games in his first six seasons – which in itself is amazing.

What is also surprising is that Mahomes made the AFC championship, before the Super Bowl, in all six years, and Brady missing the play-offs meant that Mahomes (14) has more wins than Brady (12) was managed in the same period.

So he’s giving up more times than Brady did in his first dozen games – and it would be surprising if Brady didn’t beat Mahomes in all of their playoff meetings, as well as the AFC title game with the Patriots and the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If you expand it to the regular season, Mahomes has more MVPs in the league (2-0) than Brady and leads the average in the 96 games he has played so far for the Chiefs – in terms of passing yards, touchdowns. and, most importantly, they win.

There’s a long way to go, but with Mahomes on his way to topple some of Tom Terrific’s records — which in part explains his GOAT status — the big question is how long he can keep going.

Mahomes has studied Brady and talked to him a lot about his long career, and has said he wants to emulate his long career — but that may be just one part of the equation.

This season more than any other Mahomes has been like Brady. With so many receivers leading the league in scoring, the Chiefs defense had to do some serious work but come playoff time Mahomes.

He has the same relationship with Travis Kelce that Brady had with Rob Gronkowski, and for the first time in his career Mahomes has to go on the road to make the Super Bowl – to win in Buffalo and Baltimore and enjoy playing. evil.

But most of all it is an aura of invincibility that does funny things on the opposing side, especially in the big games.

Teams try so hard, they think so hard not to let Mahomes or Brady back on the field for an extended period of time that disrupts their game and alters their mindset — that intangible x-factor is often worth managing on the board. And Mahomes has that.

Who else can argue with him?

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Buffalo’s Josh Allen has been rated as a formidable opponent, but Mahomes is now 3-0 in conference play, and while Lamar Jackson is the league’s MVP, his playoff record remains impressive.

Mahomes only lost three games, and two of them were against Brady. Talk of the goats would have come sooner but for them, and now Brady is already gone.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow is the only other quarterback with Mahomes’ game-winning streak on his resume, and he’s very Brady-like in his play — but injuries have held him back and that’s a red flag for the future.

The likes of Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy play in the same conference and could face Mahomes in the playoffs in the Super Bowl, and if the San Francisco 49ers fail to make that happen on Sunday, his legend will grow a little stronger. .

How can Mahomes be the GOAT?

First, be in good health. Mahomes has done a great job thus far and protecting quarterbacks has been the target of rule changes more than he has any chance.

Back-to-back Super Bowls would help, as the Chiefs will have their down years especially since 65-year-old head coach Andy Reid won’t last forever — and Brady had Bill Belichick by his side for 20 years.

Mahomes has shown a little more consistency getting closer to Super Bowls, but even if he had another six years as good as the last six he would still be chasing Brady’s seven rings.

There is GOAT potential in Mahomes, that’s for sure, and the way he plays the game is even more impressive than what Brady was, but he needs to keep going for another generation to challenge for the title of greatest. all the time.

A win on Sunday in Las Vegas would be a great way to start.

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