Sports clubs have expressed anger over the lack of replacements at Ruskin

Sports clubs have expressed anger over the lack of replacements at Ruskin

A lack of facilities and delays in replacing the closed changing rooms have led to delays and are “restricting the growth” of community sports.

Sports clubs using the Ruskin site include Pilkington ARLFC, Pilkington FC, Ruskin Park RUFC and St Helens Town Cricket Club.

With four changing rooms closed a few years ago at the site where the Bath House site was contested last August, there are eight changing rooms not being used at the site.

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Club representatives have blamed the lack of progress over the past five-and-a-half months to offer alternatives.

It is understood that the council in January promised to set up two temporary rooms from April this year.

A Pilkington ARLFC spokesman said: Stars about their frustrations and that this issue is preventing them from achieving their plans.

The club has 29 teams, which play in all age groups up to the senior team, as well as the newly formed women’s teams.

St Helens Star: Bath HouseBath House (Image: Stock)

“There will be eight changing rooms at the site that have not been changed, it will not give us the proper space,” he said.

“We have the opportunity to enter two changing rooms on Saturday and, depending, we have only two or four on Sunday. This can be between 11 games, and 22 teams.

“We’ve signed up 112 volunteers, and 65 coaches have given up 10 hours a week for 38 weeks. We’re devoting time to improving the sport, and the council is doing nothing to help this.

“They are hindering the development of sports. Sports clubs spend a lot of time in the community, many children and adults, and the council takes five months to ‘get it right’. What will he do for five months?

St Helens Star: Pilkington Recs ARLFC are in action at Ruskin in 2021Pilkington Recs ARLFC are in action at Ruskin in 2021 (Image: Stock)

A Pilkington FC spokesman said the club had been “scorned” by the council, adding that they “have no interest in them, they are not fit for purpose, it is an insult. They do not run the site properly.”

Meanwhile, the Ruskin Park rugby union club, which has been based in Ruskin for over seven decades, has played matches at a different venue in Parr Stocks because of the problem.

A spokesman for the club said: “I feel that our 70-year heritage at the Ruskin sports stadium has not been wasted.” The decision was made without considering how this would affect Ruskin Park, players and staff.

“Firstly, the financial problems that caused the club not to play for the first six weeks of the season. Then games were canceled because the 4G upgrade is not available on a day’s notice, there is no real plan being made or concrete plans made. We have had promises that have not been fulfilled.”

They added: “There is no definite plan that will happen next year.” We’re the bottom of the menu at the place we’ve been playing for 70 years.

“Every game is technically a homecoming game and we have now lost the opportunity to provide our clubhouse support, funding and events on Saturday.”

St Helens Star: Cricket grounds in RuskinCricket ground in Ruskin (Photo: St Helens Star)

When asked about the matter, a spokesperson for St Helens Borough Council said: “We have secured funding for the Bath House and are working on a timetable to deliver the programme.

“At the moment we will be providing portable equipment which we realize will not meet the needs of all clubs. We understand this is frustrating but we are in regular communication to ensure all clubs are informed and involved in the project and thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work to make improvements as quickly as possible.” we can.

“Boards will continue to meet with affected clubs to keep them informed of the progress of the scheme and work to address any issues as they arise.”

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