Song Kang’s Life Beyond The Camera: ‘My Demon’ Star’s Net Worth Revealed, Career Highlights, Luxurious Lifestyle & More

Song Kang won hearts as Jeong Gu-won in “My Demon”, and in real life, too, he brings a large fortune. The rising star’s net worth is a story just as interesting as his on-screen performances. Ever wonder how the heartthrob spends his winnings? From luxurious getaways to delectable treats, Song Kang’s lifestyle is as glamorous as his roles. So, take a delightful ride into the sensational world of ‘My Demon’, where the net worth is high and the charm is even greater! Let’s dive into the entertaining saga of Song Kang’s life and career.

Journey dreams of becoming an architect of K-drama success

From dreaming of designing buildings to gracing screens as a K-drama heartthrob, Song Kang’s journey is scripted on a whim. Born on April 23, 1994, in Suwon, South Korea, the actor, however, reportedly aspired to become an architect, but the allure of showbiz proved too strong. After exchanging plans for scripts, he embarked on a journey into film arts at Seoul’s Konkuk University in 2017. Now, with the impending call for mandatory military service beckoning in 2024, Song Kang, ever the responsible protagonist, is preparing to say goodbye to the screens temporarily, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his triumphant return. Talk about a plot twist!


Song Kang’s impressive net worth

Song Kang doesn’t just steal scenes, he also makes his bank account dance. With a net worth of around USD 5 million as of 2023, the ‘My Demon’ maestro is a real-life star in the wealth game. Whether it’s charming audiences on screen or winning luxury brands for endorsements, Song Kang proves that success not only looks good but also pays well. While the exact number may be as elusive as a K-drama plot twist, one thing is for sure – Song Kang is laughing all the way to the bank!

Song Kang’s luxurious lifestyle

While Song Kang is a master at keeping his private life mysterious, his taste for luxury is no secret. The actor, riding high on the success of ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Nevertheless’, reportedly treated himself to a stunning USD 192,809 Mercedes-Benz G-Class – why, why not? On the fashion front, Song is styled with a $2,535 Prada bag, a $4,200 Prada wool jacket and a $1,137 Valentino tweed button down jacket. So while he might keep us guessing about his personal life, Song Kang isn’t shy about letting his lavish lifestyle take center stage.

Career highlights and filmography

From a dream debut in ‘The Liar and His Lover’ to Netflix stardom with ‘Love Alarm’, Song Kang has pirouetted across genres like a seasoned pro. His big screen bow in ‘Beautiful Vampire’ not only mesmerized the audience but also cast some magic at the box office. With ‘Love Alarm’, Song Kang soared to great heights, leaving an indelible mark on the international scene. His role as a high school student in ‘Sweet Home’ also brought him great popularity. Now, riding the wave of success with “My Demon,” Song Kang is set to grace the screens again in the final season of “Sweet Home” – proving once again that he is the leading man of the K-drama universe.

​From top brands to Instagram royalty

Aside from stealing hearts on screen, Song Kang is also a certified brand charmer, gracing campaigns for luxury giants such as Cartier, Penshoppe and Prada. From the brilliance of Banila Co. to the elegance of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Song has become the face of glam in the Asia Pacific region. With more than 20 million followers on Instagram, he is not just a sensual director, but a social media mogul. Rumor has it that every dazzling post on his Instagram feed comes with a heavy price.