Sky Sports’ Simon Thomas blasts Eric Dier for his ‘disgraceful’ comments on German TV after his move to Bayern Munich…

Sky Sports’ Simon Thomas blasts Eric Dier for his ‘disgraceful’ comments on German TV after his move to Bayern Munich…

  • Eric Dier made his Bayern Munich debut on Wednesday night against Union Berlin
  • After the game he talked about how proud he was to make his first appearance
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Sky Sports’ Simon Thomas has slammed Bayern Munich’s new signing Eric Dier for his “disgraceful” comments, after the defender spoke on German television following his debut for the Bundesliga giants.

The 30-year-old, who is on loan from Tottenham until the end of the season, came off the bench in his side’s last-gasp 1-0 win against Union Berlin to make his club debut.

It was a successful first trip for the England international, who did not shy away from the media duties after his first game wearing the famous colors of Bayern Munich.

Fans joked that Dier went “Steve McLaren” when speaking in German – as the Manchester United supporter spoke Dutch when he was manager of Twente.

Thomas, who presented Saturday’s Soccer on Sky Sports, responded to a video interview with Dier, insisting that he had used the “nasty” word.

Eric Dier spoke to the media after his first game with Bayern Munich
Simon Thomas slammed him for his ‘bad words’
Dier – who is on loan at Bayern until the end of the season – came off the bench in the 1-0 win.

He tweeted: ‘Great. That embarrassingly common habit of thinking bad words is like trying hard to speak a foreign language.’

Fans though were quick to point out the English star’s bilingual skills in response to Thomas’ tweet.

Although Dier was born in Cheltenham, he grew up in Portugal and played for Sporting Lisbon before joining Tottenham in 2014.

One fan mentioned Joey Barton, who spoke with a French accent during an interview while in Marseille.

Melissa Chappell said: ‘To be fair they are multilingual. This isn’t Joey Barton we’re talking about.’

One fan replied: ‘He can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and German. Can you?’

Niall McLaughlin said: “They always have this accent and speak many languages. Another great British habit is to make fun of everyone and think about your class (sic).’

There were some who described Dier’s pronunciation as new.

Dier joined Bayern Munich less than two weeks ago on loan – reuniting with former Spurs team-mate Harry Kane
Fans were quick to point out that Dier – who grew up in Portugal and is pictured playing for Sporting Lisbon – is bilingual.

Tom Challinor said: ‘He grew up in Portugal, in Simon. This is his natural voice,’ while another said it was how he ‘sounded’ all the time.

Dier had a good relationship with Jose Mourinho during his time as manager at Tottenham, and one fan claimed the defender spoke Portuguese to the famous boss on Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing.

The 30-year-old told Sky Sports in his post-match interview: ‘It was a very proud moment for me obviously to start at this club. It’s a very proud moment for me and my family and I obviously enjoyed it.

Dier came on at half-time to help Bayern Munich to an emphatic win on Wednesday night
Dier’s questions were compared to Steve McLaren (left) speaking in a Dutch accent.

‘I really enjoy playing here and I’m happy to have made my debut. So I’m very happy with the way I’ve set up and obviously to make my debut and hopefully I can continue to help my team.’

Some fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to joke that Dier had only been in Germany for a short time and had already taken the word.

‘He’s been on for 3 mins 47 secs and already has a German accent,’ wrote another.

Another added: ‘Does Eric Dier always talk like that or is he suffering from German accent syndrome.’

‘He went full Steve McClaren… you don’t go full Steve McClaren!’

‘Fair play to him. I spoke the language after a week!’ one said.

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