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Members of the Seabury Hall boys cross country team hold their trophy after winning the Division II team title at the Honolulu Marathon/HHSAA State Championships Saturday at Central Oahu Regional Park. Photos by DAKOTA GROSSMAN

After finishing second in the Division II team standings last year, the Seabury Hall boys team had one thing on its mind all season: a state title.

After senior Micah Brighton’s third-place finish, the Spartans accomplished their goal, winning the Honolulu Marathon/HHSAA Division II team crown Saturday at Central Oahu Regional Park.

It was a close call, with the Spartans edging Hawaii Baptist Academy, 32-38. Last season, HBA won the D-II boys team battle by just four points over the Spartans.

“Oh my god, that’s one of the greatest feelings ever,” Brighton said by phone from Oahu on Saturday. “Last year, it was a bit disappointing – we finished second, I think, we were like one point away from winning. This time I pushed myself, my whole team… we all just pushed because this is what we wanted.

“We really wanted to win this team title.”

The Seabury Hall girls team has its own trophy after finishing second in D-II on Saturday.

Among the D-II runners, Seabury Hall went 1-2-3-7-19 with Brighton, Kayden Volner, Jacob Romero, Finn Hensley and Nikolai Mironov. Scorers Brendan Punu and Daniel Alcantara were 26 and 45 respectively.

The HBA runners went 4-5-8-10-11 among the D-II division.

Brighton was the bright spot in all of the junior varsity events with a 16-minute, 54.89-second finish over the 5-kilometer course — which was 38 seconds behind winner Yuta Cole of Kalani. Second-place finisher Ari Smith of Campbell crossed the line in 16:31.42.

Volner was seventh, while Romero was 19th. King Kekaulike’s Mateus Chauvin took the final boys medal in 20th.

“This was a great experience,” Brighton said. “I was able to run the CORP race before, so I came back knowing how to run and I tried to be in the top three guys and I was able to be one of the top three guys. So, that was really good.

Sparta’s Micah Brighton runs to the finish line to finish third in Saturday’s boys race.

“I was a bit surprised – I got fourth last year, so that was good. It was a tough race, but I managed it.”

The Seabury Hall girls finished second in the D-II division to Hanalani, 48-54. The Spartan girls had just five runners – they finished 2-3-4-19-26 among the D-II champions with a line of Layne Millen, Kailana Hagan, Isabella Grossman, Olivia Aoki and Kayla Ratte.

Millen was the top MIL girl, finishing 14th in 21:19.27. Hagan, a freshman who won a MIL title last month, was 17th in 21:30.36.

Millen is the only senior on either the boys’ or girls’ teams and has battled leg injuries throughout his career, including missing the end of the season last year when he withdrew from MIL and the state meet.

He was very happy to bring home the team trophy.

Layne Millen of Seabury Hall finishes in 14th place on Saturday.

“It’s amazing, I feel amazing,” Millen said. “I mean, I’ve been trying to get some kind of competition for three, four years – I think three because of COVID – but finally to make it happen, it’s a dream come true. I’m very grateful that I got this opportunity. I’m happy that I had a complete team and people who are very dedicated to the sport , volunteers like me. It’s really surreal.”

In fact, the Spartans didn’t even have a full girls team of five athletes until a few weeks ago.

Seabury Hall coach Bobby Grossman was shaking his head in amazement at both of his teams – the boys saw both Hensley and Mironov fall just short of the finish, but each found a way past the clock to seal their team’s crown.

“All year, from last year, one year to today, I think, we’ve been working to get these guys to take responsibility – they’ve been working all year, maybe harder, maybe more distance. than I’ve ever done with a team,” Grossman said. “The first five guys worked hard. Less stress today, more energy. Two of them crawled across the finish line today. “

Grossman noted that the CORP venue was packed with as many fans as he had seen at the international convention in Hawaii.

“So, it was interesting. I thought maybe everyone would have been more comfortable if it had been an easy ending, but in the end we got really close,” he said. “So, I’m proud, all year how hard he worked. … He wanted to win and he had a win-or-nothing attitude.”

The Iolani boys and Punahou girls won the DI team titles. Hilo’s Kekaihulani Halpern took home the girls’ individual crown.

King Kekaulike finished ninth in the DI boys team sprint, while Kamehameha Maui was 12th. Kihei Charter was fifth in the D-II boys team.

Maui High was 11th and Kamehameha Maui was 12th among the DI girls, while Kihei Charter was fifth and Maui Prep was seventh among the D-II girls.

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Saturday results (MIL competitors only)

In Central Oahu Regional Park


Team-DI: 9. King Kekaulike 235, 12. Kamehameha Maui 341. D-II: 1. Seabury Hall 32, 5. Kihei Charter 124.

Man-3. Micah Brighton, Seabury Hall, 16:54.1; 7. Kayden Volner, Seabury Hall, 17:06.6; 19. Jacob Romero, Seabury Hall, 17:37.3; 20. Mateus Chauvin, King Kekaulike, 17:39.9; 25. Pierce Armstrong, Maui Prep, 17:49.1; 31. Finn Hensley, Seabury Hall, 17:58.6; 35. Jake Hackett, Kings Cross, 18:04.0; 37. Kaito Kina, Maui High, 18:05.5; 40. Charlie Baldwin, Waldorf College, 18:10.7; 61. Enzo Queirolo, Kihei Charter, 18:40.8; 62. Makoa Kapuniai, Mfumu Kekaulike, 18:41.0; 65. Felix Velasquez, Kihei Charter, 18:42.1; 81. Nikolai Mironov, Seabury Hall, 18:59.5; 88. Bryson Cagasan, Kamehameha Maui, 19:07.0; 100. Byron Ellis, Kihei Charter, 19:19.8; 114. Jericho Adolpho, Molokai, 19:35.6; 115. Brendan Punu, Seabury Hall, 19:37.9; 116. Kakahi Kapuaala, Kamehameha Maui, 19:38.6; 118. Sonny Dunham, Molokai, 19:39.5; 128. Makai Lindsey, Maui High, 19:46.6; 142. William Dulay-Jones, Lanai, 20:03.3; 144. Braeden Asuncion, Maui High, 20:07.5; 146. Arjei Paet, Baldwin, 20:07.6; 148. Tatum Dugan-Wood, Baldwin, 20:10.2; 149. Ariel Lomboy, Baldwin, 20:11.8; 152. Brady Browne, Kihei Charter, 20:14.2; 166. Cyris Cagasan, Kamehameha Maui, 20:39.0; 174. Maddox Dellefave, Kihei Charter, 20:55.4; 179. Ciro Martin, Kihei Charter, 21:04.4; 185. Blake Abernathy, Kamehameha Maui, 21:23.6; 190. Jack Prestage, Maui Prep, 21:30.4; 192. Phineas Brennan, King Kekaulike, 21:42.7; 195. Jaden Jones, Senior, 21:51.7; 197. Dace Valenzuela, Mfumu Kekaulike, 22:11.8; 198. Noah Kalehuawehe, Kamehameha Maui, 22:12.3; 199. Daniel Alcantara, Seabury Hall, 22:19.9.


Team–DI: 11. Maui High 254, 12. Kamehameha Maui 294. D-II: 2. Seabury Hall 54, 5. Kihei Charter 127, 7. Maui Prep 164.

Man-14. Layne Millen, Seabury Hall, 21:19.3; 17. Kyle Hagan, Seabury Hall, 21:30.4; 22. Isabella Grossman, Seabury Hall, 21:38.9; 43. Kalia Kaneta, Maui High, 22:24.9; 48. Tanya Kari, Kihei Charter, 22:31.1; 53. Layla James, Kihei Charter, 22:47.7; 61. Olivia Aoki, Seabury Hall, 23:08.8; 66. Gianna Pogni, Kihei Charter, 23:14.9; 68. Stella Garnier, Maui Prep, 23:25.6; 77. Kaydence Merritt, Kamehameha Maui, 23:38.7; 90. Kayla Ratte, Seabury Hall, 24:00.2; 91. Sophia Kato, Maui High, 24:03.7; 94. Ilana Caserta, Maui Prep, 24:06.7; 101. Violet Kato, Maui High, 24:17.3; 106. Norah Brown, Kings Cross, 24:29.6; 111. Kaia Yamashita, Molokai, 24:34.7; 114. Catherine Perry, Kihei Charter, 24:35.2; 131. Paige Asato, Baldwin, 25:11.3; 133. Alyssa Skolnick, Maui Prep, 25:13.5; 135. Ava McDonald, Maui Prep, 25:18.0; 138. Kailani Pascua, Kamehameha Maui, 25:25.5; 146. Shelby Ostrander, Lanai, 25:43.6; 147. Kiana Quinabo, Mfumu Kekaulike, 25:45.2; 151. Kyli Beam, Maui Prep, 25:47.0; 152. Lily Barrett, Kings Cross, 25:49.0; 157. Realani Sabado, Baldwin, 25:58.7; 158. Taylor Kauanaulu, Maui High, 26:01.3; 164. Elena Riel, Lanai, 26:22.3; 166. Emi Wunder, Kamehameha Maui, 26:27.7; 168. Emily Sloper, Kamehameha Maui, 26:31.3; 179. Naupakapualaha’ Olaitiman, Kamehameha Maui, 27:06.8; 180. Allison Armstrong, Kihei Charter, 27:10.0; 183. Eliasha Romero, Lanai, 27:14.4; 184. Malia Marin, Kamehameha Maui, 27:23.7; 1186. Jaynie Robello, Maui High, 27:52.8; 187. Alanna Manuel, Lanai, 27:53.0; 188. Kaimalie Mwala, Mfumu Kekaulike, 28:15.5.

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