‘Screaming fun machine’, experts cry as they reveal the 8 best cars you can own for under £10k

‘Screaming fun machine’, experts cry as they reveal the 8 best cars you can own for under £10k

Automotive experts have revealed eight supercars that won’t break the bank.

Car enthusiasts have dubbed these cars “fun machines” that can be yours for under £10,000.

The Porsche 987 Boxster is a luxury, sports car for under £10,000Credit: Getty
The Toyota GT86 may not have the best numbers but it offers a lot of fun on the roadCredit: Getty
The Fiat 124 Spider is a comfortable and stylish carCredit: Getty
Classic Sports Car Toyota MR2 Mk3 has enough power to be fun on a budgetWord: Alamy

Your dream of racing in a beautiful sports car may not be further and further within reach than you think, experts at Goodwood say.

Here is a list of eight cars that won’t burn a hole in your pocket:

Porsche Boxster 987

The Porsche Boxster 987 offers a luxurious and authentic motoring experience.

The Boxster’s history makes it drop-proof while still being a two-seater.

The car has 240 brake horsepower and a 2.7-liter engine, is fully equipped and has a six-speed manual gearbox.

Apart from being a great drive and good value for money, this car is also very reliable with MOT rates ranging from 82.3 percent to 91 percent.

Toyota GT86

Described by motorists as “old school fun”, the Toyota GT86 may not have the best performance but it offers a fun ride.

The car has a single 197 bhp 2-litre flat-four engine that sends power to the rear wheels, and a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Fiat 124 Spider

If you’re looking for an affordable two-seater sports car, look no further.

The Fiat 124 Spider has a rounded, curved design and a sleek design.

Sun Motors editor Rob Gill takes to the track for Top Gear in the ‘fastest’ Toyota GT86.

But the trunk space is small even though it can hold 140 liters.

With a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine, Fiat makes a great cruiser.

Although the 124 engine gives it a relaxed personality, the Fiat is faster than the Mazda MX-5, running at 7.5 seconds to reach 62 mph.

Toyota MK3 MR2

This mid-size sports car has enough power to be fun without burning a hole in one’s wallet.

The 1.8-liter, 138-bhp engine, which comes from the Celica coupe, hits its five wheels with ease, and the fun factor is further enhanced by smooth transitions.

But be careful because it can be difficult to drive in the rain.

The cover is a masterpiece that can be easily folded and stored in a locked position.

All in all, it’s a fun, open-ended adventure that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Nissan 350Z

For the price, the Nissan 350Z offers more power than any other model.

With a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 309 brake horsepower, this car offers impressive mid-range acceleration.

And this can be seen when it accelerates to 60mph in a brisk 5.3 seconds.

The twin exhausts produce a deep, booming hiss when you press down on the sound.

It makes for fiery acceleration that is music to the ears of drivers.

Mercedes-Benz SLK55

The SLK55 is great all around, even if it’s not the best ride out there.

The Mercedes offers a comfortable experience with a luxurious interior and a fuel efficiency of 33.6mpg.

Powered by the world’s most successful V8, it has a powerful 5.5-liter engine.

The 416 brake power is enough to accelerate the car to 60mph in just 4.6 seconds.

Although it offers a sharp steering wheel, it lags behind the Porsche Boxster.

Honda S2000

A classic car you probably know from the Fast and Furious franchise or Gran Turismo.

The two-liter four-cylinder engine produces 237 horseower and 153lb ft of torque.

Combined with a curb weight of 1,260 kg, it can reach a speed of 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and has a top speed of 150 mph.

The VTEC engine on Honda can reach an incredible 9,000 rpm.

And given Honda’s reputation for reliability, this car shouldn’t disappoint you if it’s been properly maintained.

BMW 135i Coupe

With a top speed of 155mph, the BMW can accelerate to 62mph in 5.3 seconds.

It has a 306 brake horsepower engine and a straight-six engine with turbocharges.

BMW also offers a rear seat and a trunk big enough for a sports car.

Although the 135i Coupe doesn’t have the 1M’s level of precision, you can still appreciate its rear-wheel drive and adjustable center suspension.

The Nissan 350Z offers more power than most in its price rangeWord: Alamy
Honda S2000 has a reliable history that will not let you downCredit: Getty
The Mercedes-Benz Slk55 is the best all-rounder and the most luxurious interiorWord: Alamy
The BMW 135i Coupe offers functional rear seats and plenty of storage space for a sports carWord: Alamy

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