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Since the invention of the television sometime in the late 1920s, it has served many purposes beyond casual viewing. In the age of OTTs, the TV is also a smart device that contributes to the happiness of families and acts as an instant stress buster – especially when you watch your favorite movie or show after a long day of work.

There is no denying that a smart TV has become the ultimate source of entertainment for millions. Now more than ever, its numerous features make it more fun than old-school magic.

Let me tell you, I am very picky about films. As a self-proclaimed cinephile, I look for visions of grandeur, fantastic landscapes and magical horizons in even the darkest films. Now that you know what a content consumption skeptic I am, I’d like to discuss my experience with the 55-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV. This is the largest TV I’ve ever tried up close so far and here are my thoughts.

The TV features Quantum HDR and dynamic tone mapping of HDR10+ (Image credit: Bijin Jose/The Indian Express)

The visual experience

The Samsung QLED 4K (modeQE1C) immediately caught all my attention when I set it up. After spending a few minutes setting up a number of OTT streamers, I immediately watched the film and showed the catalog. The TV is equipped with so-called 100 percent color volume and Quantum Dot technology to bring out the most vibrant and true-to-life colors. If you like historical dramas that offer a glimpse into a bygone era with their lavish sets and impeccable cinematography, then this TV is your window into another world.

I rewatched the Lord of the Rings trilogy and was fascinated by the detail the TV provided. The fight sequence from 2003’s The Return of the King actually felt like a contemporary film. The grays, blacks and blues are well balanced to produce clear images. According to Samsung, the Quantum Dot uses light conversion to provide exceptional color quality regardless of different brightness levels. A billion precise color nuances with authentic and breathtaking picture quality characterize this television.

The TV comes with Quantum HDR and dynamic tone mapping of HDR10+, which adjusts brightness and creates deep blacks to offer vivid images. These features ensure that every scene is displayed as if it were viewed directly by the human eye.

A slim miracle

Known as AirSlim, the Samsung QLED 4K is sleek and sophisticated when it comes to design. The minimalist design really intrigued me as it fits well into almost any type of decor. The design also improves the viewing experience thanks to its frameless construction. Apart from the aesthetics, the design and structure of the TV are very practical.

When it comes to connectivity, the Samsung QLED 4K has the SmartHub feature that acts as an umbrella for all your streaming apps and live television. The feature brings all entertainment access to one easy-to-navigate center. I found this level of convenience notable as it shows the company’s understanding of modern viewers who want instant access to their favorite content.

The new Samsung TV is packed with features that will make your home truly futuristic. You can customize Alexa to search for videos, songs, and everything you normally do on the TV. I even mirrored my iPhone 15 and I must say the process was easy and the result was pleasing.

Although the device has a built-in 20W speaker, using it with a 5.1-channel sound system or soundbar really brings out the cinematic experience. This TV’s sound system is designed to closely match the sound to the high-quality visual output.

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Another unique feature is Pantone validation, which certifies that the colors are authentic (Image credit: Bijin Jose/The Indian Express)

About performance

The Samsung QLED 4K is powered by the Quantum Processor Lite 4K, designed to optimize viewing conditions and upscale content to 4K quality. This ensures that whatever you are watching is displayed in the best possible resolution. Dual LED technology further enhances the viewing experience by adjusting the backlight tone depending on the content.

Another unique feature is Pantone validation, which certifies the authenticity of the colors. By the way, this is one of the first smart TVs to have this accreditation. The motion accelerator also makes it an ideal TV for gaming. It should be noted that the Samsung QLED 4K is equipped with a solar panel remote control, which is a great way to avoid batteries and have an eco-friendly experience.


The Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV is more about smart television. A sleek and sleek design and an immersive experience make this a worthwhile investment. If you are a movie lover, gaming fan or a person who loves to enjoy a TV viewing experience with family, this TV promises to enhance the everyday viewing experience.

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