Samsung BKC Lifestyle Experience Store opens its doors at Jio World Plaza, Mumbai.  It presents AI-enabled connected device experiences

Samsung BKC Lifestyle Experience Store opens its doors at Jio World Plaza, Mumbai. It presents AI-enabled connected device experiences

Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics company, today launched India’s first Online-to-Offline (O2O) lifestyle store on Jio World Plaza mall, the newly launched ultra-luxury retail, leisure and dining space in Mumbai, strengthening its commitment to India.

Samsung BKC, spread across 8,000 square feet, at Jio World Plaza, is strategically located in Mumbai’s central business hub at Bandra Kurla Complex and will showcase Samsung’s flagship premium products through unique curated experiences and real-life scenarios. This new store showcases Samsung’s broader premium portfolio ranging from smartphones to TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and more, leveraging the power of Samsung’s AI ecosystem.

Samsung BKC offers Samsung’s latest AI experiences – from ‘AI for All’ for consumer electronics to ‘Galaxy AI’ for mobile devices – all under one roof.

As the first Samsung O2O store in the country, Samsung BKC we will reimagine the retail shopping experience and unlock new possibilities for our customers, bringing the best of both online and offline worlds. Through this retail innovation, the Samsung BKC store extends the convenience of online offering the largest selection of products with more than 1,200 selections from an online digital catalog, while also enjoying the help of store staff. Moreover, these products can be delivered not only in Mumbai but anywhere in the country.

Additionally, customers in Mumbai can also shop online at and take advantage of the store’s proximity to pick up their products from Samsung BKC within two hours.

As it opens to customers, Samsung BKC will redefine the flagship experience for customers with the latest Galaxy S24 series. The store will not only offer special edition Galaxy S24 color options, but also free first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence-enabled personalization of the latest Galaxy AI smartphone.

Consumers will be able to experience and pre-order the latest Galaxy S24 series at Samsung BKC, starting January 23rd.

“Today’s customers, especially Gen Z and millennials, are looking for high-quality products and unique experiences. They want to interact with the brand and its products, touch, feel and create. This is what Samsung BKC is all about. We have ever curated experiences in eight unique zones that include all of our AI experiences to excite people across segments. Here, customers will get a sense of our extensive ecosystem of connected devices and cutting-edge technology.” he said Mr. JB Park, President & CEO of Samsung Southwest Asia.

Samsung BKC will also hold Learn @ Samsung workshops, combining Samsung innovations with people’s passions.” he said.

Samsung BKC is divided into eight unique lifestyle zones that show customers how Samsung products, individually and as part of Samsung’s connected multi-device ecosystem (SmartThings), can bring them convenience. These zones cater to different passion points, ranging from gaming and entertainment to art and yoga to cooking and laundry management.

The Eight Zones of Lifestyle

Hobby room – Customers can enjoy an exciting and immersive mobile gaming experience on an 85-inch 8K QLED TV and Samsung’s professional line of gaming monitors and laptops.

Home office – This zone features an innovative home office setup using large screens and smart displays. Here one can connect the display to the Galaxy Buds or make calls on the Smart Monitor with Google Meet, presenting scenarios such as “work without distractions from home” or “conference call on a large screen”. Customers can also enjoy next-level productivity by working seamlessly across multiple screens, including our monitors, tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Home Atelier – Here, customers can experience how Samsung technology can literally transform your home into an art gallery or even a yoga studio. It showcases our premium TVs, including 8K TVs and The Frame that turns the screen into a work of art. Customers can also control the smart AI-enabled yoga mat that is connected to the TV, giving users real-time feedback on their yoga poses.

Home Cafe – In this zone, customers can take a look at our customized refrigerators and vacuum cleaners. The color of custom refrigerators can be customized to match the color scheme of the home.

Connected kitchen – Here, a professional chef handles the kitchen and cooks healthy food, in real time. The kitchen also has an AI-enabled fridge, which has multiple unique features, such as recipe recommendations and shopping lists based on what’s inside the fridge. In this zone, customers can learn how to use Samsung products to manage and prepare healthy food as well as efficiently manage guests.

Smart wardrobe – This zone showcases our top AI-enabled washers and dryers and how one can design and select laundry settings using a smartphone. This zone also talks to customers about home energy management, giving them information about their homes and the energy consumption level of each of their devices using the SmartThings AI Energy Mode.

Private Cinema – This is another demonstration of the connected device experience offered by Samsung. Here, customers experience the stunning 110-inch MicroLED TV, while the SmartThings app connects via smartphone to control everything from the curtains, lights, sound bar and even the air conditioner to transform the room into a cinema.

Mobile Zone – This is the center of the store which will showcase Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices – the Galaxy Z series and the Galaxy S series – including the latest Galaxy S24 series, as well as our flagship tablets, laptops and mobile devices.

To bring together all the experiences in the eight zones, Samsung BKC will also host various events and workshops around consumer passion points such as digital art, photography, videography, fitness and baking, cooking, music, among other things as part of it Find out @ Samsung program.

This program will run throughout the year with influencers, content creators and other experts helping in-store customers learn more about Samsung products and its extensive ecosystem of connected devices through unique experiences and DIY opportunities around their passion points.

For Gen Z and millennial customers who love to customize their products, the store will offer unique personalization and customization options for mobile as well as consumer electronics. In the Creator’s Workshop, customers can customize their own smartphone covers. They’ll also be able to customize their purchases, like adding crystal initials to their phone cases and adding fun charms to their Galaxy watches. In the Home Café zone, customers can customize the door color of their bespoke fridges to match the color scheme of their homes.

Premium customers visiting the store will also get a chance to preview global products yet to be launched in India

To create a long-term relationship with customers, the store also has an integrated service center where they can take online and offline appointments and request pickup for their device service. The store will also offer our customers same day Galaxy device repair and remote assistance.

Samsung BKC customers who purchase two or more SmartThings-enabled products will be offered free SmartThings installation along with product installation through our visiting engineer services.

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