RPSG Lifestyle Media to launch US-based The Hollywood Reporter in India.  President Avarna Jain shares plans

RPSG Lifestyle Media to launch US-based The Hollywood Reporter in India. President Avarna Jain shares plans

RPSG Lifestyle Media is set to launch American media brand The Hollywood Reporter in India. Avarna Jain, President, RPSG Lifestyle Media, said, “The Hollywood Reporter is a nine-decade-old ‘voice of the entertainment industry’ that provides the most authoritative opinions, reviews and interviews from film and beyond. With THR India , one of the world’s oldest film industries will celebrate the world’s largest film industry and as Indians we should be proud of it.” Founded in 1930 as a daily newspaper, The Hollywood Reporter is a popular American digital and print magazine. which focuses on the Hollywood film, television and entertainment industry.

As the title is set to launch in one of the world’s largest and most important film and entertainment markets, read Jain’s views on what The Hollywood Reporter (THR) will bring to the Indian market and what the Indian entertainment industry brings to people.

What was the genesis of the idea to bring The Hollywood Reporter to India?

In last year’s edition of the Oscars, where RRR was the pride of India and the whole world was grooving with Naatu Naatu, remember the opening monologue where the Indian film industry was referred to as “Bollywood” by the host, and the ensuing outrage in the media of social network; It made us realize that there is no unifying voice in our country for entertainment across regions, languages, cultures and platforms. As proud as we are of the wealth of Indian thought and ideas in entertainment, the truth is that the entertainment industry is still a bit fragmented.

We had been toying with the idea of ​​having an entertainment publication for a while, and this gave us the perfect USP.

The Hollywood Reporter is a nine-decade “voice of the entertainment industry” providing the most authoritative opinions, reviews and interviews from film and beyond.

With THR India, one of the oldest film industries in the world will celebrate the biggest film industry in the world and as Indians we should be proud of it.

The Hollywood Reporter is a legacy title with a loyal base in the US market. Could you tell us more about what drew you to the brand and what makes it stand out even after all these years of existence?
. What strikes me about The Hollywood Reporter is its constant need to change. From a weekly trade paper run by the industry for the industry, it morphed in the mid-2000s into a glossy, star-studded weekly aimed at film and entertainment buffs. In recent years, it has adapted to digital media seamlessly, across geographies and platforms.

Flexibility and adaptability are important qualities in the media industry today, and THR is at the forefront. This is what makes it tick, apart from top journalism, strong editorial values ​​and a loyal audience

What gaps do you see in the Indian market in terms of the kind of content that THR offers and what will THR bring to the Indian market?

There is no single publication in India that is a single entertainment voice across our various regional film industries, spanning languages, platforms and cultures. Secondly, there is no longer any trade newspaper in India which is the final voice on collections, business, technical news, trends. THR India will partner with the film and entertainment industries across India and fill this gap.

What is your content strategy for the Indian market? How do you calibrate it to fit the market and how do you see it appealing to the Indian audience?

The audience has changed. We consume content in different languages, many of which are not even native to our country. Within India, films from different regions see theatrical releases. South Indian cinema is celebrated in the North, Punjabi music is strong in the South and curiosity about films from Bengal and parts of the North East is on the rise.

THR India’s content strategy is clear: It will look at the entertainment industry as a whole. It will celebrate Bollywood blockbusters, Bhojpuri cinema, diverse Malayalam stories among others, and will do so across theatres, TV, OTT and digital.

The news media industry has seen tectonic changes in the last decade with social media and now accelerated with the advent of artificial intelligence. How does a brand like THR navigate these changing consumer media habits?

At RPSG Lifestyle Media, all our titles will be digital first. Of course, The Hollywood Reporter will have a monthly print edition, but we know that the ways we communicate with our consumers are through digital media, using social media as an important distribution platform.

THR India will have an active presence in all of these. You will have content to read, watch and experience.

Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly every day and we are watching closely. But we are committed to providing high-quality content to our readers, regardless of the platform they choose to consume it on.

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