Revolutionizing entertainment with Allstars USA

By Julius Reynolds-Canilli

We’ve been told time and time again that retail is increasingly moving online since the pandemic. For example, trends that favored online retail experiences, including luxury goods, have only increased since the pandemics.

But in other areas, people are looking for first experiences more than ever as pent-up demand explodes. It seems like every major city has immersive art experiences, from Van Gogh to Banksy, now showing on giant screens.

It’s not just people who have dropped out more since the pandemic, but also the companies that serve them with experience. AllStars USA has in recent years attempted to host million-dollar events for CEOs of major companies, including some of the Forbes 400 names and also Forbes Global 2000 companies.

In fact, over the past 23 years, two entrepreneurs Yakut Tarman and Onur Yazicibasioglu have built a global luxury performance brand that now works with brands like…

Coca-Cola, Nokia, JTI, Philip Morris, Reebok, Microsoft, Pepsico, Diageo, Unilever, Hyundai, BAT, L’Oréal, Vodafone, Intel, Henkel, Ericsson, Koç Holding, Turkish Airlines, Adidas, Sony and Universal Music Group are just a few of the famous Forbes 2000 companies that have enjoyed the AllStars USA touch.

Yazicibasioglu, an engineer, and Tarman, a qualified doctor, launched remarkable second careers in the world of show business. Under the bright lights of this industry, Onur Yazicibasioglu and Yakut Tarman flourished. This is due in part to the mentorship of Ahmet Ertegun, a titan of the modern recording industry. Tarman began her journey in Los Angeles and worked as a booking agent for high-profile music artists such as Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and many more. She also deepened her expertise with established top DJs and producers. Meanwhile, Yazicibasioglu, among other high-profile clients, booked top 100 DJs for events sponsored by the Forbes 4000 company. From there, the brand grew to @allstarsusaent/

The demand for luxury shipments that are private and cost more than a million to produce is increasing rapidly. The business has taken them far from their roots in Istanbul, holding events at the historic Palazzo Pisani in Venice and the modern Madinat Theater in Dubai.

“As much as consumers enjoy virtual consumption, they also want to experience creative and unique moments, even if that just means posting them on Instagram,” said Yazicibasioglu, “It’s more about enlivening their live experiences to make them more engaging and become more memorable.” ”

Like the current craze for immersive 3D art, AllStars USA seeks to combine both digital and live elements for a unique show experience. The days when VIP events for CEOS only consisted of an ice sculpture, a few action food stations and a juggler are long gone.

The key to the creative duo’s success was their early focus on combining the virtual and live experiences to offer guests phygital moments. Their diverse backgrounds in engineering and medicine allowed them to see the market differently than the competition.

“The innovative idea in this business is to bring Insta and TikTok to audiences with amazing casts of super talented artists, many of whom already have large followers and audiences on social media. Among them are the crème de la crème and celebrities who have always wanted to see such icons live on stage,” said Tarman.

CEOs increasingly want a SuperBowl halftime show atmosphere, and AllStars USA has taken a leadership role in this area by continually increasing production values ​​and performances. No stage is too big, but corporate events often want unique venues. Like a special unit, they are ready for action at any time and have been deployed at events from Dubai to Ibiza.

“The entertainment events market is more spontaneous, especially for private or corporate events. That’s why we have hour-long live stage shows on tour, including ‘American Dream Spectacular.'” Our latest show concept also fits perfectly with the EDM and dance music scene of the TOP 100 DJs in the world. “It is also easily scalable to fit large show theaters from Vegas to Paris, any luxury lifestyle resort, event venue or entertainment complex,” said Yazicibasioglu.

With declining streaming revenues and other profit opportunities in the entertainment industry. Conversely, ticket prices for live events exceed demand and inflation.

“We confidently attract audiences and investors from the highest echelons, including the top 1-2% with the highest socioeconomic status. This means we can connect with our audience through luxury cruise ship operators, theater halls or mega nightclubs,” said Tarman.

The two shared a passion for innovative entertainment tailored to luxury brands and jetsetters, which propelled their careers in entertainment. Both also had experience in marketing and communications, which helped them look for new opportunities and provided a heterodox perspective.

“Virtual reality platforms offer unprecedented opportunities to reimagine entertainment,” said Tarman. “We see the potential to create entirely new artificial worlds and virtual experiences that can be seamlessly translated into reality, offering limitless possibilities in terms of content, originality and scale – all dependent on the size and budget of the venue.”

From virtual reality to celebrities to special effects, whatever the trend, the truism remains: There is no business like show business, regardless of your background.

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