Republicans Urge Texas to Ignore Supreme Court Boundary Ruling

Republicans Urge Texas to Ignore Supreme Court Boundary Ruling

“The Texas National Guard continues to hold the line at Eagle Pass,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott posted this photo on Tuesday.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott/X

  • Republicans are furious over the Supreme Court’s latest decision on the US-Mexico border.
  • The order allows federal agents to cut through wire fences along Texas’ southern border.
  • Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy suggested the state should tell the Supreme Court to “go to hell.”

Republicans are jittery over a recent Supreme Court ruling that allowed the Biden administration to cut down razor-wire fences on Texas’ U.S.-Mexico border, and some are calling on the GOP-controlled Lone Star State to ignore the order.

Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy suggested the federal government should tell the state Supreme Court to “go to hell” in Monday’s 5-4 ruling that handed the federal government a major victory in its ongoing legal battle with Texas over the southern border.

Roy told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that Texas has a “Constitutional duty” to “protect” its citizens.

“There is no exception,” Roy said, according to the news agency. “And if the Supreme Court wanted to ignore that fact, which was a small majority, Texas still had a duty to defend its people, Texas leaders still had a duty.”

The deputy continued: “It’s like if someone breaks into your house and the court says, ‘Oh, sorry, you can’t defend yourself.’

One post On social media site X, formerly known as Twitter, Roy called the Supreme Court’s ruling “dishonest” and said Texas “should ignore it” on behalf of U.S. Border Patrol agents. Policy of the Biden administration.”

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said in an interview on Fox News on Tuesday that the Supreme Court’s decision “enrages” him. He added that there had been “incredible progress” in securing the border and claimed that President Joe Biden had “deliberately, systematically dismantled” it.

Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah was questioned Next steps for the Biden administration on Glenn Beck’s podcast, “The Glenn Beck Program.”

“Is the Biden administration really going to do, seriously, with a straight face, ‘Yeah, cut the wires, pull out all the concertina strings and all that?'” Lee said.

Texas has erected a razor wire fence along part of the Rio Grande in the border town of Eagle Pass as part of its efforts to curb illegal immigration at the border.

The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit earlier this month saying Texas National Guard troops were blocking Border Patrol agents from entering the state border, saying the fence “further limits the Border Patrol’s ability to reach the river in certain areas.”

It added that Texas’ actions “demonstrate increased state measures to impede the Border Patrol’s ability to patrol or even monitor the border and respond to emergencies.”

Despite a Supreme Court ruling allowing federal border agents to tear down the barbed-wire fence, Texas Governor Greg Abbott defiantly he said “Texas National Guard Continues to Hold Line at Eagle Pass” on Tuesday at the X.

“Texas will not back down from our efforts to secure the border in Biden’s absence,” the Republican governor said.

Videos Information posted on social media by multiple reporters on Tuesday showed Texas officials were putting even more razor wire ahead of the verdict.

Abbott confirmed post At X on Wednesday, Texas was installing more razor wire along the border.

“Texas’ razor wire is an effective deterrent against illegal border crossings encouraged by Biden’s open border policy,” Abbott said. “We continue to deploy this razor wire to deter illegal immigration.”

Meanwhile, Abbott’s spokesman Andrew Mahaleris told Business Insider in a statement: “The Biden Administration has repeatedly cut the barbed wire that Texas has installed to stop illegal crossings, opening the door to illegal immigrants.”

“The lack of razor wire and other deterrence strategies encourages migrants to make dangerous and illegal crossings between ports of entry while doing the work of Texas National Guard troops and DPS. [Department of Public Safety] soldiers more dangerous and difficult. This case continues, and Governor Abbott will continue to fight to defend Texas’ constitutional authority to protect property and the border,” Mahaleris said.

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