Planned Parenthood to lay off staff, consolidate health care centers in upper Midwest

Planned Parenthood to lay off staff, consolidate health care centers in upper Midwest

Planned Parenthood leaders announced Tuesday that the organization will consolidate some of its clinics and eliminate dozens of positions in the upper Midwest

Planned Parenthood will eliminate 36 positions in the north-central states of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and the Dakotas, including nine staff members and 27 vacant positions.

Nineteen months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, ending the constitutional right to abortion and returning the power to regulate abortion to the states. Since then, more than two dozen states, including the Dakotas and Nebraska, have moved to ban abortions or further restrict abortion procedures from occurring earlier in pregnancy than Roe’s standards. Courts have so far blocked bans in three of those states, including Iowa.

Leaders of the nonprofit blamed its decision on the post-Roy landscape as well as other factors such as increased costs and supplier shortages.

“As the healthcare landscape continues to fluctuate and the cost of providing care climbs, it is our responsibility to continually change and adapt so that we can continue to meet the essential needs of our patients and communities,” said Ruth Richardson, President and CEO explain. the CEO of Planned Parenthood of the North Central States said in a statement. “This decision was not easy. Planned Parenthood is committed to building a long-term, sustainable footprint that provides reliable medical and procedural abortion services in every state where abortion is legal.”

The organization will also consolidate some of its more than two dozen health centers across a five-state region while expanding abortion services and other health centers.

Next year, the health centers in Woodbury will merge into the Rice Street Health Center in St. Paul.

Planned Parenthood stressed that while its number of locations will be reduced, the reorganization will increase its ability to treat patients in person and virtually. Its flagship Vandalia Health Center in St. Paul will increase capacity and appointment options for abortion patients. An expansion of the Omaha Medical Center will increase the number of exam rooms from four to 12, and the merger of two medical centers in Des Moines will expand abortion appointments to three to four days a week.

“Any time we lose a provider, a location, or access to services, it’s obviously a concern, especially It’s at a time when we’ve become an island in Minnesota.” “I look at this in the context of the broader health care crisis that we’re in. Mergers, layoffs, hiring difficulties: these themes are present across the health care community “Reproductive health clinics in Minnesota are not just abortion providers, they are health care providers. It’s an integral part of our lives.”

Abortion opponents say Planned Parenthood’s decision is more about diverting its resources to provide more abortion care, especially in Minnesota communities that border states with limited access.

“Planned Parenthood is a business and the decisions they make are business decisions,” said Tim Miller, executive director of Minnesota-based PLAM Action, a sister organization to Pro-Life Action Ministries. Not an ethical decision.” “I don’t believe at all that their bottom line is facing a squeeze. This is a strategic business decision. They look at the coming market and refocus, just like any smart business would do. “

Planned Parenthood’s decision comes less than three weeks after the recently formed union representing Planned Parenthood’s 430 employees in northern states reached a temporary labor agreement with management. The new contract will provide unionized wages for 15 years, with a 4.5% minimum wage increase in the first year and a total increase of 11.75% over three years. Planned Parenthood’s lowest-paid employees will receive a 17% raise in the first year of the agreement.

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