Outrage as the Massachusetts Dem governor shuts down an amusement park in a black Boston neighborhood for FOUR MONTHS so it can be used to house immigrants.

Outrage as the Massachusetts Dem governor shuts down an amusement park in a black Boston neighborhood for FOUR MONTHS so it can be used to house immigrants.

By Dominic Yeatman For Dailymail.Com

05:31 31 Jan 2024, updated 05:44 31 Jan 2024

  • Governor Maura Healey gave less than 48 hours’ notice that the famed Roxbury estate would be offered to 125 immigrant families.
  • ‘I don’t know what we will do for a few, three months,’ he told them
  • But he was accused of treating his neighbors like “scum” in an angry public meeting

A Boston community has been left “under fire” after the governor of Massachusetts called for land needed to keep more immigrants in the city.

Democrat Maura Healey is accused of treating Roxbury neighbors “like trash” after locking people out of the Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex with less than 48 hours’ notice.

He stressed the need to settle the new arrivals, many of whom have been sleeping rough at the city’s airport for months.

But residents of the black community asked him to explain why their favorite place was singled out for action.

‘You’re really putting us in a bad, bad situation,’ resident Rodney Singleton told him at the public meeting, ‘and it’s not fair.’

Democrat Governor Maura Healey criticized Congress and the White House for her decision to request the Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex.

The neglected area will receive up to $500,000 to be suitable for 125 families who are expected to move State Senator Liz Miranda told the Boston Globe.

‘The anger you see is justified. “Roxbury has never had its fair share of outside of the city and state,” he added.

‘I hope West Roxbury is going up, I’m hoping Wellesley is going up, other areas that have a lot of wealth.’

The Massachusetts shelter reached its peak in November, with 7,500 families in its system. Some are now kept in hospital waiting rooms and church halls.

Refugees are expected to begin moving Wednesday to the Roxbury facility as it becomes the state’s fourth ‘safe haven’ for those waiting for a place in Massachusetts’ emergency shelter.

But it’s also home to community sports teams that provide opportunities for at-risk youth.

“It’s the long-term impact that we’re concerned about,” said Domingos DaRosa of the Boston Bengals’ youth organization.

‘Reuniting with these children will not be as easy as 1-2-3.’

Said Hassan Ahmed, of Boston United Track and Cross Country said the decision has left his program immediately ‘homeless’.

At Roxbury Center there are over a dozen programs and community groups

“We went in, and the people at the front were like, ‘Just telling you, today is your last day’, he said. ‘We were told our permit had been revoked and we were out.’

State officials have predicted the immigration crisis could cost Massachusetts $915 million this year and Mr. Healey has requested an additional $250 million in federal funding.

The government’s security system came to an end in November when it was affected by the movement of people on the southern border.

The images at the airport in Boston resemble those at O’Hare in Chicago where 216 migrants were sleeping in early January.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, from 2022 will send busloads of immigrants to his state in the north, to make mayors and governors of Democrats to share his fight – and to force Joe Biden.

‘We need DC to act. We need Congress to act,” Healey said at a press conference last week.

‘The way is on what needs to be done to fix what is in the borders, to fix some of the rescue measures and to get the money needed from some of the internal countries that have carried the burden of the geopolitical problems and are not made by the government.’

Many refugees have been sleeping rough at the city’s O’Hare airport

Healey has promised the museum, which includes a famous pool and a 24,000-square-meter indoor building, will reopen to the public by June.

“The fact that they can’t tell us today that they have another program center that has been moved is disgusting to me,” said former state Senator Dianne Wilkerson.

‘It’s incomprehensible. It should not be legal at any level.’

‘I don’t know what we will do for a few, three months. I’m going to call universities, I’m going to call other places,” Healey told people at a public meeting Monday night.

A resident of the village told him: ‘Rich areas cannot accept this, and disrespect.’

“Roxbury is on fire! On fire! And this is a wake-up call,” added Derrick Evans.

‘So there’s no children’s program in Roxbury?’ one resident asked.

‘The government is taking care of the refugees, so who is taking care of the children in Roxbury?’

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