Our Black America: Resources to help small businesses and financially disadvantaged communities

Our Black America: Resources to help small businesses and financially disadvantaged communities

ABC Owned Television Stations is joining forces with Microsoft Philanthropy to talk about wealth creation in the Black community in a new one-hour documentary called Our America: Black.

The special will follow Microsoft Philanthropic expert Darrell Booker as he works to close the racial wealth gap through his inclusive digital programs.

As part of this new documentary, Booker helped compile a list of resources to help small businesses and underserved communities looking to improve their financial health.

Nonprofit Resources

The Nonprofit Tech Acceleration (NTA) program is committed to advancing technology for US-based nonprofit organizations that support Black and African American communities. This program provides technology grants and technical consulting to help nonprofits modernize processes and streamline operations with solutions that support and expand your mission.

Small Businesses

Discover tools, guides and expert advice to boost your business success. Visit the Microsoft Small Business Resource Center for the latest tips and solutions to take your business to the next level. With recent advances in AI, there is no denying that it is an increasingly powerful and versatile tool. Learn the basics of how AI works and how you can use it in your small business.

Nonprofit organizations are featured in Our America: In Black

  • Educating Students Together: From the nonprofit organization: “Educating Students Together (EST) College Access Program has empowered economically disadvantaged students to pursue and achieve their college education dreams. Educating Students Together’s mission is to increase student attainment, retention and graduation. youth from underserved communities in the admissions system and at Historically Black Colleges and Universities to transform their lives.”
  • Zucot Gallery: From the nonprofit organization: “ZuCot Gallery is the largest African-American fine art gallery in the Southeast. Located in the historic Castleberry Hill district of downtown Atlanta, our 3,500 sq. ft. space offers eclectic decor and features some of the most prolific contemporary art of our time. artists.” Take a look at the virtual gallery of special highlights here.
  • Brown Toy Box: From the nonprofit organization: “We believe that all children should have positive representation of themselves in every setting on a regular basis. Whether in the toy aisle, in the classroom, in their toy box, or on their televisions, Brown Toy Box works to make sure that Black children . see positive images of themselves and grow up knowing that they can be and achieve whatever they set their minds to do and be. The Brown Toy Box Black centers play to break generational poverty by normalizing excellence, developing 21st century skills to create curiosity and create. prosperous. to expand Black children’s perspectives on career paths and opportunities for their lives.”
  • Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE): From the nonprofit organization: “RICE is an engine of economic mobility for the community: driving Black entrepreneurs and small business owners to innovate, grow, create jobs and create wealth. We have over 50,000 square feet. LEED A gathering, meeting, and innovation space in a Silver Certified building, with a strong offering of education, networking, mentoring, and capital resources. Part business generator, innovation lab, and museum, RICE invests in black entrepreneurs, empowers businesses, and builds community.”

Start your journey to empower your community to achieve generational wealth with Microsoft’s nonprofit resources at www.aka.ms/NTA.

Watch “Our America: In Black” in the video player above or wherever you stream this station on Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or Google TV. You can also find Hulu’s Black Stories Always hub, the ultimate streaming destination for Black stories and storytellers all year long.

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