NYC Health + Hospitals unveils new community mural in NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem

NYC Health + Hospitals unveils new community mural in NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem

NYC Health + Hospitals unveils new community mural in NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem

The community mural project is believed to be the largest public hospital mural project in the country since the 1930s

The nine new murals will build on the 26 murals created in the first wave of the project

January 25, 2024

nyc health hospitals unveils new community mural at nyc health hospitals harlem scaledNYC Health + Hospitals unveils new community mural in NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem
NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem CEO Georges Leconte, artist Tijay Mohammed, Laurie M. Tisch Lighting Fund founder and president Laurie Tisch and others celebrate NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem’s new mural

New York – New York City Health + Hospitals unveiled a new mural today as part of the Community Mural Project run by the health system’s Arts in Medicine division. mural, healing portrait The mural at NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem was developed by artist Tijay Mohammed through a series of focus groups with community members, staff and patients, and came to life during a painting party where the community was invited to paint the mural together . healing portrait is one of nine new murals created last year, building on 26 murals created during the first wave of the community mural project, which are profiled in a new book, Healing Walls: NYC Health + Hospitals Community Mural Project 2019-2021. A video of artists and community members talking about the mural is available here . This program is made possible with the generous support of the Laurie M. Tisch Lighting Fund.

healing portrait Honor the vibrant Harlem community and medical pioneers who left an indelible mark on Harlem. Notable figures include Ronald H. Brown, the nation’s first black commerce secretary and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, whose name is engraved on a pavilion at Harlem Hospital. Dr. Louis T. Wright, the first African American physician at Harlem Hospital, and Dr. Samuel L. Kountz, an innovator in organ transplantation, also appear. . The lower left panel honors renowned Harlem physician and activist Dr. Muriel Petioni, while elements such as food trucks, museums, and religious symbols reflect the community’s rich diversity and support Spirit. The center top panel illustrates pediatric care, nurturing, and community healing, while the center bottom panel depicts children, musical notes, and Taino symbols, emphasizing the diversity and unity of the community. The lower panel on the right commemorates the pivotal moment when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was transported to a Harlem hospital with the three doctors who cared for him after he was stabbed, emphasizing the values ​​of nonviolence and solidarity. healing portrait is a powerful symbol of community resilience and commitment to healing, unity and a brighter future.

“NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem provides essential health care services to all who need them, regardless of their circumstances,” said Laurie Tisch, founder and president of the Laurie M. Tisch Illuminating Foundation. “New Mural by Tij Muhammad healing portrait The Harlem Hospital mural is part of the NYC Health + Hospitals Community Mural Program, along with important WPA murals dating back to the 1930s. It celebrates Harlem’s historical figures and the community’s extraordinary diversity. healing portrait Will enhance community and hospital pride and bring joy and comfort to everyone who sees it. We are proud to support its creation. “

“Artist Tijai Muhammad incorporated the diverse ideas and experiences of the Harlem community in this mural,” said Larissa Trinder, Assistant Vice President, Medical Arts, New York City Health & Hospitals. “healing portrait Reflecting a world filled with art and science. It includes spiritual and political leaders, children and symbols, creating an immersive experience for everyone who walks into the hospital. The unique mural nature of this piece draws the eye skywards and creates hope for all who pass by. “

“NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem stands tall like a beacon for the Harlem community,” said Georges Leconte, CEO, NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem. “When you walk through the doors of the Ronald H. Brown Pavilion, you can’t help but feel the power of the murals that tell the story of Harlem’s rich culture and heritage and pay tribute to the famous Harlem Legends and popular landmarks are beautifully depicted. Each patient can see themselves in a different representation of each panel. Art is healing! Know that our patients can appreciate the beauty of these extraordinary murals when they visit our facility , which gives me the confidence that each patient’s needs will be completely met because of the healing power of art and medicine.”

“I am a resident of Harlem receiving care at New York Health + Hospitals/Harlem,” said Abena Smith, First Vice Chair, NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem Community Advisory Council. “I am very excited about the unveiling of this precious mural, which highlights historical figures closely associated with Harlem Hospital and the community at large. I had the pleasure of participating in focus groups during the development of the artwork. I also attended the painting party, I am officially a part of that piece of art. I can attest to how meaningful it is for patients to see and experience the beauty of this mural when they enter the Ronald H. Brown Building for medical care.”

“The process of creating this piece was nourishment, from listening to focus groups to community paint parties,” said artist Tij Muhammad. “I hope this mural will serve as a healing talisman in Harlem and beyond.”

healing portraits at nyc health hospitals harlem by artist tijay mohammedhealing portraits at nyc health hospitals harlem by artist tijay mohammed
Portraits of healing created by artist Tijay Mohammed at New York Health + Hospitals/Harlem

Tijay Mohammed (@artoftijay) is an artist and teacher from the Bronx. His work is inspired by Ghanaian heritage and he has studios in Yonkers and Ghana. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally and organized workshops and community projects for museums, youth groups and schools.

The Community Mural Project is believed to be the largest public hospital mural project in the United States since the 1930s, when the Depression-era Works Progress Administration (WPA) commissioned murals on public buildings, including nearly every hospital in New York City’s public health care system. Home hospital. WPA mural is The New York City Health + Hospitals Art Collection, currently the city’s largest public art collection, includes more than 7,000 works of art across multiple disciplines. Art collections are used to enhance the healthcare environment, inspire creativity, promote health, increase access to art, and engage employees.

The community mural project creates opportunities for collaboration among hospital staff and with neighbors, relieving stress and improving the facility’s physical environment. Healthcare worker burnout is a national health crisis, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created mental health challenges across New York City, especially in low-income, immigrant, and historically excluded communities that serve as the An important patient group for Health + Hospitals.



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About the Arts at NYC Health + Hospitals Medicine
The Medical Arts Department at NYC Health + Hospitals is dedicated to promoting the emotional well-being of all patients, their families, staff, and the greater community by utilizing the arts, including literature, visual and performing arts, throughout the process to promote healing and wellness. Healthcare system. In addition to curating the system’s important visual arts collection, the Medical Arts Department encourages evidence-based practice and provides technical assistance to all of the system’s health care facilities and clinics. This is achieved by combining arts innovation and education into a comprehensive healthcare continuum that supports the therapeutic effects of art. For more information, visit

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About the Laurie Tisch Lighting Fund
The Laurie M. Tisch Illuminating Foundation is a New York City-based foundation that improves access and opportunity for all New Yorkers and cultivates healthy and vibrant communities. In 2018, the Illumination Foundation launched Art for Health, a multi-year initiative to support organizations that use art as a tool for healing and increasing understanding in New York City communities. The initiative’s focus areas are stigma, trauma and ageing-related conditions, as well as supporting organizations to address mental health issues in communities disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, the Illuminating Fund supported the creation of the NYC Health + Hospitals Medical Arts Department, expanding programs that serve health care workers, patients and communities across the city. For more information, visit or follow @LMTischFund on Twitter.

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