NYC Health + Hospitals’ New York care services reach 125,000 members

NYC Health + Hospitals’ New York care services reach 125,000 members

NYC Health + Hospitals’ New York care services reach 125,000 members

NYC Care grew 382% from first year in 2019, exceeding initial enrollment goal of 100,000 members

Community and Ethnic Media Roundtable highlights role of partnerships with government and community organizations in building trust and educating more New York immigrants about the program

NYC Care is a health care program available to New Yorkers regardless of immigration status or ability to pay

February 7, 2024

nyc health hospitals nyc care reaches 125000 members featureNYC Health + Hospitals’ New York care services reach 125,000 members
From left: PEU Executive Director Adrienne Lever, Sauti Yetu Program Director Hager Shawkat, MPH, MOIA Commissioner Manuel Castro, NYC Care Executive Director Jonathan Jiménez, MD, MPH, NYC Care Member Edgar and Mayor José Bayona Race and Community The Executive Director of the Media Office poses with an enlarged sample of the NYC Care membership card.

NYC Health + Hospitals’ NYC Care program hosted a media roundtable on race and community at City Hall today to announce that the program has reached a milestone of 125,000 enrolled members. NYC Care Executive Director Jonathan Jiménez, MD, MPH, with New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) Commissioner Manuel Castro, New York City Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit (PEU) Executive Director Adrienne Lever, Sauti Yetu African Women’s Center Program Director, and family members Hager Shawkat, MPH, and NYC Care member Edgar. Speakers highlighted the many partnerships and initiatives driving the program’s rapid growth and urged New Yorkers who are eligible for NYC Care to enroll in the program to receive the quality care they are entitled to. The spokesperson also encouraged eligible New Yorkers to enroll in a new health insurance option for undocumented immigrants age 65 and older through the New York Medicaid Management Plan.

“Health care is a human right. This applies to our newest New Yorkers, too. Reaching the milestone of 125,000 NYC Care enrollees is more than just achieving a new goal; it is symbolic of all individuals who now have access to reliable, ongoing care. and family. Thank you to the NYC Health + Hospitals team for making this work possible, and to everyone at today’s Media Roundtable on Race and Community who helped spread the word.” Anne Williams-Isom, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services.

“Reaching the 125,000 registered members milestone – well exceeding our goal of 100,000 members – demonstrates the transformative impact NYC Care continues to have on the lives of New Yorkers since its launch in 2019,” said Jonathan Jiménez, MD, MPH, Executive Director, NYC Nursing, NYC Health + Hospitals. “Thanks to NYC Care Team and our partners in the community and government, New Yorkers know they can go to NYC Health + Hospitals to get the care they need before they get sick without worrying about costly medical bills or prescriptions. We will continue All New Yorkers are encouraged to enroll in NYC Care and seek the care they deserve, regardless of immigration status or ability to pay.”

“We are proud to celebrate the impressive milestone achieved by NYC Care, which reaches 125,000 New Yorkers and breaks down barriers to access health care regardless of immigration status. This new update to Medicare ensures our immigrant seniors Communities have access to affordable and reliable health care.” Manuel Castro, Commissioner, New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigration Affairs. “We are proud to continue hosting monthly roundtables to ensure immigration media continues to receive the latest updates on city services and resources. “

“From primary and specialty care to affordable prescription drugs, NYC Care has successfully provided essential services to 125,000 New Yorkers who would otherwise not receive traditional health insurance coverage,” said Adrienne Lever, Executive Director, Public Engagement Unit (PEU). “PEU is proud to partner with NYC Care and help close the gap in health care access through our team’s proactive community outreach.”

“As a community partner, it’s encouraging to know that we don’t have to turn away anyone who is seeking health insurance and care,” said Hager Shawkat, MPH, Program Director, Sauti Yetu African Center for Women and Families. “We are fortunate to live in a city that makes human rights a reality for all New Yorkers through NYC Care. We will continue to promote this valuable service and work to serve those who still need coverage and care.”

A key driver of NYC Care’s rapid growth is its partnerships with government and community organizations. NYC Care partners with agencies including the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, the New York City Mayor’s Department of Public Engagement, and the New York State Department of Health to organize virtual webinars, phone banks, and in-person resource fairs. NYC Care is currently working with the Mayor’s Department of Public Engagement’s GetCoveredNYC team to call and text nearly 15,000 NYC Care-eligible New Yorkers to let them know if they are eligible for the program. NYC Care also partners with more than 20 community organizations, including the Sauti Yetu African Center for Women and Families. Partners design and facilitate general outreach to NYC Care, connect potentially eligible New Yorkers with NYC Care enrollment and re-enrollment appointments, and, in some cases, facilitate direct NYC Care enrollment for eligible New Yorkers. NYC Care also operates across the health system, partnering with NYC Health + Hospitals facilities, Gotham Health sites and MetroPlusHealth plans to facilitate direct enrollment and organize outreach.

Since the program launched in 2019, NYC Care has seen enrollment grow 382% from the first year, surpassing the initial goal of 100,000 members. NYC Care’s community organization partners have reached more than 1 million New Yorkers, scheduled more than 43,000 appointments, and facilitated more than 17,000 direct enrollments, a number that does not include individuals who learned about the program from partners and enrolled themselves. In 2023, NYC Care members scheduled 200,564 primary care visits and 538,955 specialty care visits. Last year, NYC Care released new patient data showing positive patient interactions with doctors and primary care. Overall, 76.9% of new NYC Care members returned to primary care for additional visits in the first year, 80.7% received a referral outside primary care, and 75.4% visited a specialty care facility. For new members with two or more chronic conditions, 86.1% returned to primary care, 87.1% received a referral, and 86% received specialty care. There is also strong engagement among new members who speak English as a second language, with 86.1% returning to primary care, 80.2% receiving a referral and 74.7% visiting specialty care. The data demonstrates that NYC Care spurs patient engagement at a rate comparable to Medicaid, and the data reflects member satisfaction and confidence in the high-quality care they receive.

NYC Care continues to deliver positive health outcomes for its members. Fifty-three percent of diabetic members who participated in the program for at least 6 months experienced an improvement in their hemoglobin A1C readings. Likewise, 72% of hypertensive members who participated in the program for at least 6 months experienced an improvement in their blood pressure. NYC Care leads the way in chronic disease control and improvement, leading to better health outcomes, and June 2023 data proves it, showing significant improvements:

Metric number(%)
overall diabetes prevalence 24,304 (20.4)
Diabetes under control after six months, Hgb a1c <8% 10,122 (73.2)
Diabetes, Hgb a1c improvement, six months later* 7,054 (53.1)
Overall hypertension prevalence 30,691 (25.7)
Hypertension controlled after six months, <140/<90 15,448 (73.1)
Improvement in hypertension, systolic and diastolic blood pressure after six months* 15,063 (72.4)

This year, NYC Care will support informing New Yorkers about new health insurance options for undocumented immigrants over the age of 65. The new coverage is offered through the Medicaid managed care plan, which includes a fee-for-service pharmacy benefit. The new coverage adds preventive and primary care benefits, including routine doctor visits, recommended screenings, lab tests, wellness services, prescription drugs and supplies and more. NYC Care will work with its community organization partners and the New York City Mayor’s Department of Public Engagement on a citywide rollout to ensure all New Yorkers can take advantage of the new health insurance options.


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About New York City Nursing
NYC Care is a health care access program that provides comprehensive, low-cost or no-cost health care services through NYC Health + Hospitals to New Yorkers who cannot afford or qualify for health insurance. NYC Care offers membership cards, 24/7 customer service, comprehensive and affordable health care services such as primary care, mental health services, sexual and reproductive health care, low-cost medications, and member materials in multiple languages ​​- no matter your nationality How immigration status or ability to pay. Call 646-NYC-CARE (646-692-2273) or visit NYCcare.NYC to learn more and register now – privacy and confidentiality guaranteed.

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New York City Health + Hospitals is the largest municipal health care system in the nation. We are a network of 11 hospitals, trauma centers, community health centers, nursing homes and post-acute care centers. We are a home care agency and health plan MetroPlus. Our health system provides essential services to more than 1 million New Yorkers each year at more than 70 locations across the city’s five boroughs. Our diverse workforce of more than 43,000 employees is dedicated to helping New Yorkers, without exception, live their healthiest lives. For more information, visit and stay connected on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

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