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November 1, 2023


Derek Alan Sands

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Above – Bergen County Executive James J. Tedesco III, Bergen County Commissioners Steven Tanelli and Mary Amoroso, Bergen County Parks Director James Koth and Deputy Director Ron Subramaniam, along with East Rutherford Councilmembers George Cronk, Michael Lorusso, Ed Ravettine, and Wallington Councilmember Khaldoun Androwis, and the county parks playground construction team cut the ribbon in front of the new Wood Dale County Park tennis courts.

(WALLINGTON, NJ) – Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, the Bergen County Board of Commissioners, and the Bergen County Parks Department have announced the completion of renovations and the grand opening of the new sports courts at Samuel Nelkin County Park in Wallington. Over the past two months the County Parks Department has worked on renovating two tennis courts and a large basketball court, and adding three pickleball courts to the park. All three amusements have lights so they can play long into the evening.

Samuel Nelkin County Park is now the fourth park in the Bergen County Parks System to feature the fast-growing sport of pickleball among its attractions after Overpeck, Wood Dale, and Riverside County Parks. The upgrades cost $1.5 million and received funding from the county’s Open Space Trust Fund and the Bergen County Parks Department’s capital support fund.

“The revitalized Samuel Nelkin County Park sports courts are a testament to my administration’s commitment to promoting recreational opportunities for Bergen County residents by ensuring they have access to modern, well-maintained facilities that promote an active and healthy lifestyle,” said County Executive Jim Tedesco. “These new facilities, which are coming to parks across the county, are a source of pride for our community, helping to keep people fit and happy.”

“We are committed to ensuring that Bergen County residents have access to open spaces and opportunities for outdoor recreation, including tennis, basketball courts, and pickleball,” he said. Bergen County Commissioner and Parks Liaison Steve Tanelli. “We will continue to upgrade our park facilities in accordance with the 2019 County Parks Master Plan and strive to ensure that all residents have access to the recreational activities they enjoy.”

The completion of the Samuel Nelkin County Park sports courts is part of a larger project to upgrade the Bergen County Parks System as outlined in County Executive Tedesco’s 2023 State of the County Address and 2019 County Parks Master Plan. The new courts were designed by Neglia Engineering and built by Zenith Construction Services.

Construction is underway on the Rochelle Park section of Saddle River County Park to replace all the sports courts with basketball, tennis, and pickleball courts. These renovations are expected to be completed by the end of 2023. The County Parks Department will continue efforts to upgrade the recreation facilities in 2024 with renovations at Van Saun County Park, Pascack Brook County Park, and Dunkerhook and Glen Rock. Parts of Saddle River County Park.

Samuel Nelkin County Park is named after former Wallington Mayor and NJ Transit President Samuel Nelkin who donated 17 acres of land to the Bergen County Parks Commission in 1954 to create Wallington County Park. The park was renamed in Nelkin’s honor 25 years later in 1979.

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Above – the new basketball court

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Above – three new pickleball courts

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Above – one of two new tennis courts at Samuel Nelkin County Parks


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