Missouri Promotes Mental Health – University of Missouri Athletics

Missouri Promotes Mental Health – University of Missouri Athletics

Missouri creates mental health

who are we:

The Mizzou Made Mental Health Center operates within the confines of the University of Missouri Athletic Department whose mission is University of Missouri graduates become leaders as we win championships and cultivate communities while maintaining the vision of the entire department A modern model of excellence in intercollegiate athletics.

The Mizzou Made mental health team is dedicated to enhancing the student-athlete experience through comprehensive, personalized care and evidence-based practices that encourage appropriate collaborative supports while maintaining confidentiality.

Meet the team:

Rachel Scheider Headshot

Rachel Scheider, LPC
Missouri Mental Health Director and Mental Health Therapist
[email protected]

Brittany Fassbender portrait

Brittany Fassbender, LMSW
mental health therapist
[email protected]


Jardine Lewis, LMSW
mental health therapist
[email protected]

Kimberly Tolentino

Kim Tolentino, PLPC
mental health therapist
[email protected]

Services we provide:

personal meeting

Missouri student-athletes can meet one-on-one with a licensed mental health professional to discuss personal issues or areas in their lives that need improvement. Mental health therapists can help student-athletes develop appropriate coping and problem-solving skills. Issues may include, but are not limited to: college adjustment, anxiety, depression, culture and identity, relationships, substance use issues, eating issues, anger management, and more. Any information shared in meetings is confidential unless information is released by the student-athlete.

Mental Health Seminars/Presentations

The Mizzou Made mental health team can provide topic-specific workshops and presentations to student-athletes, teams and coaches.

Drug Use Psychoeducation
Missouri State Athletics is committed to supporting the student-athlete experience in all areas. The Mizzou Made Mental Health Center provides substance use counseling to all student-athletes in accordance with NCAA and SEC policies and practices. The program focuses on reducing injuries and using the athletes’ own drive and motivation to find solutions to any and all challenges.

Mental Performance Recommendations

Mental performance is a discipline that involves the use of mental training techniques to help athletes develop skills that optimize performance. Psychological skills include improvements in performance anxiety, attention/concentration, confidence in one’s abilities, and communication. If a student-athlete is in need of mental performance-related services, please contact Cody Hendrickson.

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs immediate help, please call 911.

Call or text 988 to call the crisis intervention hotline.

You can call the MU Counseling Center 24/7 at 573-882-6601 for crisis support for urgent issues.

Comprehensive medical team:

The Integrated Medical Team is an in-house multidisciplinary team comprised of Mizzou Made Mental Health, Sports Medicine, Nutritionists and Psychiatry. The goal of this collaborative team is to coordinate individualized and specialized care for student-athletes.


The University of Missouri is committed to providing mental health support to all students.
Visit: wellness.missouri.edu/mental-health-resources/

MU Counseling Center: 573-882-6601
Psychological Services Clinic: 573-882-4677
Missouri Psychiatric Center: 573-884-1255
University Hospital Emergency Department: 573-882-8091
University of Missouri Campus Police: 573-882-7201

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