Michigan can’t complain about Jim Harbaugh


Welcome to the college football classes of Week 11. We can’t tell if there were any spies, but there was a buzz, and the national headline picture was clear on a wild Saturday.

The same applies to the grades from last season: High marks will only be impressive, and failing ones will not have the chance to be returned.

Last week, low scores went to Iowa and Northwestern for poor football showings and high scores went to Oklahoma State and New Mexico for big runs.

Here’s a Week 11 review of how fans, teams, players and coaches fared:

Michigan football is amazing? Betting

Give it to the Michigan Wolverines. They went into a rough place at Penn State, in front of 110,856 white-shirted fans, and won 24-15 to keep their playoff hopes alive. In case you’ve been living under a rock, this comes amid the Big Ten Conference suspending Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh while it investigates allegations of illegal plagiarism by the program.

To emphasize their long-standing disrespectful deception, team members wear “Michigan vs. Everybody” shirts on their way to Happy Valley. “Everyone” in this case is the Big Ten, or anyone complaining about Michigan’s fraud.

But nothing beats the sarcastic commentary that followed the win, led by a clarion call from longtime head coach Sherrone Moore:

“I want to thank the Lord, I want to thank Coach Harbaugh,” Moore said. “(Expletive) I love you man. I love (expletive) in you, man. I did this for you. For this university, our president, our AD. We have the best players, the best university, the best students in the country. .

“I love you guys. These guys (expletive) right here,” Moore said. “These men right here, man. These men did it. These men did it, man.”

(You can watch the full audio interview below.)

Uh, good. Be passionate. Good. But remind us again, why wasn’t Harbaugh on the sidelines of the game?

Besides, the “Free Harbaugh” thing. it already happened earlier this year — when a Michigan coach received a three-game suspension handed down by the school for “allegedly” violating the NCAA’s recruiting standards, and lying to investigators about it. The T-shirt was corny at the time, and it hasn’t aged well.

So, please, go somewhere with the “everyone is against us” nonsense. Better yet, if you’re upset about not having the “right way,” take your football and go home and leave the Big Ten.

96 Tears: F

LSU becomes the newest member of the 700 (yard) team.

LSU had 701 yards of total offense (372 passing, 329 rushing) in a 52-35 victory against Florida.

The Tigers are the sixth FBS team to gain more than 700 yards in a game this season;

Five more:

  • UCF (723) vs. Kent State
  • Oregon (719) vs. Portland State
  • Washington State (718) vs. Northern Colorado
  • Washington (713) vs. Michigan State
  • Ole Miss (706) vs. LSU

Run it; A+

The worst and the best of all

Here’s what you get:

This week’s OBJ notes:

Garrett Shrader: Olympic Hope:

Benjamin at home:

As he wrote:

Keep on truckin’:

Head without a circle:

Your numbers

1: He won for head coach James Franklin against a Top 5 opponent while at Penn State.

8: Oklahoma quarterback Dillon Gabriel’s total touchdowns against West Virginia (5 passing, 3 rushing).

14: Back-to-back road games lost to the Northwestern Wildcats before beating Wisconsin at Camp Randall Stadium.

32: Back-to-back rushing attempts in the second half for Michigan against Penn State.

507: Passing yards by Illinois quarterback John Paddock in a 48-45 overtime win over Indiana. Paddock’s passing yards are the second most in the FBS this season.

606: Total yards for LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels. Daniels became the first player in FBS history to throw for at least 350 yards and rush for 200 yards in a single game. Louisville’s Malik Cunningham in 2021 and Washington’s Marques Tuiasosopo in 1999 both accomplished the 300/200 feat.

Dog of the Week

Oklahoma State at UCF

Now playing:

Because going to Iowa City for another embarrassing football show would have been easy (Iowa beat Rutgers 22-0), the hounds took their chew toys and headed to Orlando for a rainy day to watch Oklahoma State and Central Florida.

Often times when a game is played at this venue, one team shows up to play and dominate and the other team doesn’t bother getting off the bus to compete. The latter also applies to the No. 17 Cowboys, who did all the talking with their scoring after pulling off a Bedlam win over Oklahoma last week only to spoil the Big 12 playoff race with a 45-3 blowout.

Ollie Gordon, the state’s leading scorer, was held to 25 yards on 12 carries and was sacked after a successful tackle. The kids got a little wet, but are excited to witness another blast in a season full of them.

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