Merseyside avoids the Premier League amid Everton feuds and angry Man United fans with high ticket prices and changing seats.

Merseyside avoids the Premier League amid Everton feuds and angry Man United fans with high ticket prices and changing seats.

  • The Premier League was unable to find a venue for the European League
  • Man United have raised their season ticket prices by 5 per cent for the second year in a row
  • Who is the best in the January transfer window? It’s All About Transfer Week podcast

It seems that the relationship between the Premier League and Merseyside – the blue half at least – will remain very strained.

Agenda has heard that the next meeting of the European Leagues is to be held in England’s top flight and that Liverpool has been chosen as the venue.

However, insiders revealed that, this is the disdain for the competition in some parts of the city after the Toffees were stripped of 10 points for breaching the financial rules, no place was ready to host the event. Instead, it is now supposed to be held in London.

Premier League sources say the move was prompted by concerns and that Liverpool was only a temporary destination.

Meanwhile, the city’s John Lennon airport also appears to have joined the queue. Last week it was joked on social media that they were all quiet on deadline day – before he proudly declared that he would not see PL chief Richard Masters as ‘banned until Everton get 10 points’.

Everton fans have yellow cards for protesting the deduction of 10 points
Thousands of people protested before Saturday’s game against Tottenham and in the 10th minute

Hughie is a story

A great moment at the press conference after Burnley’s 2-2 draw with Fulham, where 13-year-old honorary guest and lifelong Claret Hughie Higginson was one of the people in the crowd.

Hughie and his best friend Freddie Xavi have raised more than £350,000 for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, which helped Hughie after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Before going to press, Burnley manager Vincent Kompany told Hughie, who had recently received a positive response, that he wanted a question from him and he had five minutes to come up with a good one. The brave young man was not disappointed.

‘Maxime Esteve had a great reputation,’ he said before adding, ‘do you think he’ll be as big as you one day?’ Kompany started to laugh before telling Hughie that he had asked a very good question and answered it.

United fans are angry with the price hike

Not the best of weeks for Manchester United’s relationship with its fans, after the club raised season ticket prices by 5 per cent across the board for the second year in a row.

To make matters worse, some in the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand – who have had their seats for many years – were booked, thanked for their loyalty and were told in the next paragraph that they had to be moved in a dignified way to receive members of the players like. part of a rotating circle.

The rise, which was brought in to ensure the club’s ‘sustainable operations and financial support for the team and the stadium’ also meant that some of the top-paying players, paying as much as £500 a year

Some fans in the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand have been moved as part of the stadium transformation

Although much has been said of the incoming Ineos and the Glazers working together on the decision, it is thought that the wheels were set on the price hike long before Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Co began to acquire their 25 percent stake in United.

Qatar will ignore its demands

The World Aquatics Championships have started in Qatar despite US groups calling for it to be suspended because of the country’s support for Hamas and Hezbollah.

More than a dozen Israeli athletes are participating in a time of heightened conflict.

Since hosting the World Cup, Qatar has been focusing on the 2036 Olympics.

Doha also hosts the Asian Cup and Qatar Masters on the European golf tour this week.

Agents are afraid to knock

Agents have been frustrated by the lack of action in the January transfer window, with some wondering if the impact of the Premier League’s rules on profit and stability will reduce competition as clubs are unable to invest more in their players. groups.

Premier League fans dismissed their concerns, saying the money spent was the lowest in Europe.

Rashford loves a tipple

There were smiles at Old Trafford, following revelations about Marcus Rashford’s Belfast booze bender, as eagle-eyed fans spotted him front and center in an advert for Manchester United’s spirits sponsor, Chivas whisky, on Sunday’s sports programme.

Marcus Rashford has been featured in an advert for Manchester United’s official spirits sponsor

BOA officials are stationed in Tokyo

Officials from the British Olympic Association have made a short trip to Japan on their way back from the Winter Youth Olympic Games in South Korea, which ended last week.

Led by CEO Andy Anson, the BOA delegation made a stop in Tokyo to thank the team for their participation in the 2021 Covid-19 Olympics.

He pays tribute to the mayors of Kawasaki and Yokohama, who played in Team GB’s preparatory camps, and the president of Keio University, who hosted many of the team’s athletes’ training facilities during the games.

The BOA couldn’t thank them properly at the time due to strict Covid regulations – so they’re taking the opportunity now, when they were already in the community.

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