Mental health services improve lives

Mental health services can improve lives

As a probation officer, I make it a point to ensure that Fremont and Sandusky County residents have access to mental health and addiction services that will help improve their lives and overall health. Access to quality mental health and addiction services is vital to our community. I have seen firsthand how appropriate mental health treatment can help individuals live productive lives and keep them out of the local criminal justice system.

The Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services Committee ensures that mental health services are accessible to our communities. These services are available to everyone, including youth, veterans, seniors and first responders. I encourage Sandusky County voters to vote yes on the Mental Health and Recovery Tax on November 7th. This renewal tax will ensure critical services continue to be provided only to Sandusky County residents. This ballot issuance is not a new tax, just a simple update. I ask that you continue to support your local mental health services.

Please vote YES on November 7th to support the Mental Health and Recovery Tax.

Marcus Finlay


Sex sells, crowd attends library meeting

The Ida Rupp Library meeting on October 12 was packed. The topic is library tax. Supporters include those who believe libraries should continue to operate as usual. Opponent Clean-Up Ida Rupp argued for age-appropriate content for children.

The hot topic that night was about sexually explicit content in children’s books. There’s a 100 consensus among opponents and supporters: “No book should be banned.” Divided of opinion? Supporters want sexually explicit books to remain in the children’s section; opponents want sexually explicit books moved to the age-appropriate section. (Visit for more information.)

The primary reason for placing age-appropriate books in the library is to comply with Ohio child endangerment and obscenity laws. Librarians are exempt from Ohio obscenity laws. Thus, librarians can provide sexualized reading materials to children (under the guise of education) without fear of prosecution.

Supporters of cleaning up Ida Rupp are demanding controls and placement of sexually explicit books based on age. If library management can’t do this, they don’t deserve your taxes and they don’t deserve your vote. Children deserve better.

Bob Pritz


Community should support Ida Rupp tax

I was very dismayed to hear about the Clean Ida Rupp campaign and their opposition to the library tax. As I read through their objections, I found their concerns to be bizarre (e.g., worrying about a book calling menstruation “too adult”), fear-based, and in some cases patently absurd (e.g., Claims that availability of books – mostly) in adult sections of libraries – suggest that sexual behavior can lead to porn addiction).

While “Clean Up” Ida Rupp claims not to want to ban books and create barriers to access to critically acclaimed titles, Classic Books suggests the opposite. While I strongly disagree with their central premise, I also found that the group did not utilize the library’s existing processes to raise concerns about books they claimed were sexually explicit. This makes it difficult to believe that their efforts are well-intentioned.

As a child, reading from the library sparked my curiosity, helped me answer my questions, and exposed me to ideas and cultures I had never encountered in my predominantly white, conservative upbringing. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the influence of that library, the books I read, and the children’s librarians who fostered my personal growth and interest in books.

As a child, I remember borrowing Counting Stars by Lois Lowry, a book about the Holocaust, from the library many times. I never expected that some of the earliest fascist actions would be replicated in my hometown 80 or 90 years later: silencing dissent; using fear as a tool to censor opposing ideologies; marginalizing non-mainstream voices as “other”— —But that’s who we are. Now is the time to speak up. Now is the time to stand up to organizations like Clean Up Ida Rupp and support the free exchange of ideas.

Dr. Sarah Root

state college pennsylvania

Vote “yes” on mental health issues

I am lucky enough to serve on my local Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services Board. The Council’s efforts through advocacy, education and financial support of local services are extremely important to our community. Mental illness and addiction are real—just like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

As with other illnesses, treatment and support services can help individuals live better, more productive lives. The committee is funding many local programs in Sandusky County that are beneficial to individuals suffering from behavioral health issues. The committee has many partnerships with local first responders, the court system, the Department of Job and Family Services, and several other public and nonprofit organizations in Sandusky County.

Through these partnerships, the Board ensures financial integrity and funding dedicated to local services. As a board member and Sandusky County resident, I am asking for your support in renewing the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services Tax on November 7th. Your tax dollars will not increase and the taxes will only support services provided to Sandusky County residents.Please vote “Yes” on the Mental Health and Recovery Levy Renewal on November 7

Ruth Watson


Support Ida Rupp Library Levy

library. Specifically, the Ida Rupp Public Library in Port Clinton. For decades, our libraries have provided exceptional service to our community in many ways. People can always find the resources they need in our libraries, whether it’s learning a new computer skill, finding the latest books, the ability to make copies, or any service not mentioned.

I don’t want a small group of people who have already decided what is acceptable to decide what I can read or find in our library. They now say they want the books removed, but that wasn’t the case initially. Ask who is in their group and they won’t publish names. If they don’t like what and where our resources are located, then they can move on…and not use the library. Our young people are very discerning when it comes to accessing resources and those who are not old enough have parents and guardians to help them navigate books and resources. Let them perform their duties!

As far as I know, we don’t know who belongs to this group yet, but they are painting our wonderful library staff and volunteers as criminals. These are wonderful people who give endless amounts of their time and service to our library and community. There is no censorship at the Ida Rapp Public Library. Stop making a mess of our library! Promote and support the efforts of library staff and volunteers and those who spend countless hours serving as board members.

I urge everyone to vote “yes” on the library issue. We all need what our libraries continue to offer.

Glory to the Danes

port clinton

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