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Dean Vijay Khatri, faculty members present research and discuss the economic performance of the third quarter.

Faculty members who met journalists at Leeds Media Day included Tandean Rustandy Dean of Leeds Business School Vijay Khatri.

Leeds Business School held what organizers hoped was an annual Media Day on Oct. 24, featuring faculty experts and the presentation of Colorado’s third-quarter economic indicators report.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and Leeds School of Business Rustandi Dean Vijay Khatri spoke at the event in the Koelbel Building, attended by local and regional media including 7News, BizWest and the Denver Gazette.

Khatri welcomed members of the media and highlighted strategic initiatives for Leeds, including developing a framework around a culture of care; speeding up research; acceleration of student-centered education; and engaging alumni, employers and the community.

Four Leeds teachers then gave a brief account of their research and experience:

  • Jeffrey York, associate dean for strategic initiatives and director of research at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, discussed what drives the success of entrepreneurial organizations.
  • Kai Larsen, professor of information systems in the Department of Organizational Leadership and Information Analytics, highlighted the use of artificial intelligence in ongoing research into the causes of stress.
  • Tony Kong, associate professor of organizational leadership, reviewed his research on building inclusive workplaces.
  • Heather Kennedy, associate professor of education and consumer marketing specialist, noted Boulder’s unique place in the natural and organic industry.

The event included the release of the Quarterly Business and Economic Indicators report produced by the Leeds Business Research Division on behalf of the Colorado Secretary of State.

“We enjoyed meeting our media partners in person and connecting them with our school priorities and incredible faculty experience,” said Khatri. “We are grateful for all they have done to inform and educate the public. “Having the Colorado Secretary of State in place made the event especially memorable and newsworthy for all of us.”

Secretary of State Jenna Griswold speaks at Leeds Media Day.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold discussed the Quarterly Business and Economic Indicators report produced by the Leeds Business Research Unit on behalf of the Colorado Secretary of State at Leeds Media Day.

Colorado’s job growth cooled significantly in 2023, but the number of jobs in the state rose 1.4% in September compared to September 2022, according to the Indicators report.

“Today’s quarterly economic indicators report underscores the resilience of Colorado’s economy, with continued job growth and growth in GDP, lower inflation and evidence that existing Colorado businesses are staying in business,” Griswold said.

Brian Lewandowski, executive director of the Department of Business Research, who prepared the report with the Colorado Secretary of State, and Richard Wobbekind, assistant chief economist at BRD, report on employment and job growth, business filings, inflation and more. economic dimensions at the state level.

“It’s been an interesting year, at least when you’re talking about the national economy,” Wobbekind said. “Nobody expected two quarters of GDP growth to be as strong as it was in the first two quarters of the year, but I didn’t think the third quarter would be as strong as it is now.”

He said economists expect GDP growth of more than 3% in the third quarter, while some see it slowing sharply in the fourth quarter or next year.

“The real crux of the matter is the consumer and the consumer’s ability to come to the table,” Wobbekind said.

Following the release of the indicators report, Griswold, Lewandowski and Wobbekind answered questions from members of the press.

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