Mark Wahlberg-backed gym F45 Training is expanding its Reno business

Mark Wahlberg-backed gym F45 Training is expanding its Reno business

Actor and entrepreneur Mark Wahlberg says he’s “excited” to see his F45 Training business grow in Reno.

Fans of high-intensity workouts in Reno can feel more sore and gain more, as a boutique fitness franchise backed by actor Mark Wahlberg expands its presence in the city.

F45 Training officially opened its newest location in south Reno this month, its eighth in the state and second in the region after its first location in northwest Reno.

For Wahlberg, who moved to Nevada with his family in 2022, seeing the franchise grow in his home gives him good vibes.

“I am excited to see continued growth in my new home at F45 Training in south Reno,” said Wahlberg. “It’s great to see more people embracing health and wellness.”

From Funky Bunch to F45

After rising to fame as part of the hip-hop group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch in the 1990s, Wahlberg developed a serious acting career with starring roles in Boogie Nights, The Italian Job, The Fighter and The Departed.

Today, Wahlberg has a hand in several businesses, co-founded the Wahlburger burger chain with his brothers, and owns a stake in F45 Training.

F45 Training uses the presence of arguably its most recognizable asset. Inside the south Reno location of F45 Training, a weighted cut of Wahlberg greets guests inside the door.

Just steps away, franchisee Dane Hillyard, who trained in northwest Reno F45 before deciding to open his own franchise with his family, is set to welcome trainers during a soft opening in late January.

The fitness business is new territory for Hillyard, known for developing affordable housing projects in the community as co-founder and director of GreenStreet Development.

Hillyard, 65, liked the concept of F45 Training so much that he decided to open his own branch. He credits F45’s fitness program as the reason he’s in “the best shape of my life.” after suffering from back problems and back surgery.

“It’s very science-based, so you’re doing something different every day,” Hillyard said.

“It shows what’s best for our bodies in terms of longevity, so as you age, you’re doing a lot of functional things that help with stability, your core, and balance.”

HIIT work: banking on the science of F45 high-intensity interval training

After registration, participants undergo a full-body 3D scan and analyze their body composition and fitness level. The results then rate a person based on things like weight and how your torso compares to your legs.

The workouts are also based on high-intensity interval training, where participants rotate through several stations and perform cardio, strength or hybrid exercises depending on the class and day.

A look at the people attending one of F45’s afternoon classes showed a diverse cross-section of men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

As the music began to blare, people spread out into the stations and began practicing in multiple bursts. Several screens on the wall show the exercises participants must perform at exercise stations equipped with weights, elastic bands and steps. Trainers were also on hand to guide people, demonstrate exercises and provide motivation.

F45 offers different payment levels for members. Monthly rates start at $139 for two lessons per week and go up to $179 per month for unlimited lessons. People can also buy class packs like 10 or 20 class packs.

The company saw waning investor interest after a successful initial public offering that debuted at $16 a share in 2021, valued at $1.4 billion. Like many fitness centers, F45 has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, Wahlberg has taken a more prominent role in the company, taking on the role of chief brand officer for F45 and even leading some exercises to grow the business.

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