Marco Island Woman’s Club Enters Blue Zones |  Ways of life

Marco Island Woman’s Club Enters Blue Zones | Ways of life

The Marco Island Woman’s Club (MIWC) kicked off a fresh, vibrant start for 2024 with a delicious Blue Zones luncheon at Naples Lakes Country Club. Blue Zones is a research-based lifestyle movement that aims to empower everyone, everywhere to live better and longer. With food prepared by Naples Lakes Blue Zones designated chef, MIWC proudly celebrated its own status as a Blue Zones designated club. It was a healthy combination!

Club President Sharyn Kampmeyer welcomed attendees, including new members Meg Smith and Tammy Barstow. MIWC Executive Secretary Carol Hobday set the tone with her invocation. In words from A prayer for the new year, by Rev. Marcy Sheremetta, Hobday encouraged us to “Lead the world from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth, and from wrong to right.” May these words live in our hearts throughout the new year as we strive to nurture and improve this beautiful community in which we live.

3. New members Meg Smith and Tammy Barstow.tif

New members Meg Smith and Tammy Barstow.

4. Dr. Debbie Rosen.tif

Dr. Debbie Rosen wows the crowd with Blue Zones Power Nine.

The Vice President of MIWC, Dr. Debbie Rosen, took center stage with her presentation on the Blue Zones Power 9, best described as the lifestyle habits of the world’s healthiest and longest living people. Dr. Rosen is a behavioral psychologist and wellness provider, specializing in nutrition, holistic wellness, and obesity. He has a PhD in performance psychology and is an expert in behavior modification for healthier habits, weight loss, athletic performance and general well-being. She shared her Power Nine strategies, including: move naturally (park on the edge of the parking lot and don’t forget to get up and dance!), have a purpose, get down (a way to deal with stress), live by the 80 rule % (Hara hachi bu, or stop eating when you’re 80% full), plant lean (only eat meat five times a month), wine @5 (as good as that sounds, it’s more about getting together with friends than wine!), belong ( in a faith-based group), put your loved ones first and find the right tribe (enjoy a social network of people with healthy habits). Some of these principles seem intuitive, yet some may seem a little more difficult to achieve. It’s all about making healthy choices. We all agreed that joining the Marco Island Woman’s Club is a great start to achieving these goals! We thank Dr. Rosen for inspiring us with her knowledge, energy and positivity.

Two days later, several of us went to Culver’s for dinner. Now this might seem like it was against everything we just learned, but it really wasn’t. Culver’s hosted a special night where a percentage of their sales were generously donated to the MIWC Charity. MIWC Community Outreach Chair Kristina Jones and student volunteers from the Marco Island Academy Key Club were on hand to help and support the cause. Funds from this event will be used to provide scholarships to students living on Marco Island and other charitable causes. Gathering with friends to give back to our community is a zone we will always thrive in! We are grateful to Culver’s for their generous support.

We invite all women living on Marco Island (own or rent, full or part time) to join our goodwill and friendship zone. Upcoming events include our monthly luncheon on February 7th with Dress for Success, an organization that empowers women to achieve financial independence. Our annual fashion show on 19th February, our J McLoughlin International Women’s Day shopping event – 8th March, and our card and games lunch on 14th March. For more information, visit

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