Lynne Pinches: Pool player rejects professional contract after transgender U-turn policy

Lynne Pinches: Pool player rejects professional contract after transgender U-turn policy

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Lynne Pinches: ‘I feel like I’m quitting the game’

One of Britain’s most famous pool players says she has turned down her first contract because she believes women with sexual problems have a competitive advantage.

Lynne Pinches has reportedly turned down a spot on the Ultimate Pool Tour, which features the top 32 players in the game.

It follows a dramatic reversal by the sport’s governing body and its most vocal advocates on its transgender policies.

“The U-turn was the nail in the coffin for me, I was done,” Pinches said.

In August 2023, the World Eightball Pool Federation (WEPF) and the promoters of the Ultimate Pool Group, said that transgender players cannot play with “naturally born women”, but the opinion has been changed.

“I’ve never been offered a professional contract, I’ve never played this well before. I feel like I’ve fought so hard,” Pinches, 51, said.

“I’m very disappointed to have to leave, my heart wants to be on the Ultimate Pool Tour. I feel like I’m not selected even though I’m out.

“I returned my £200 deposit. I’m sticking to my principles. I don’t want to meet transgender players who would be on that tour. I don’t think it’s fair.

“I’m doing this because I want to fight for the future of young people who say they want to stop (playing pool) before they start.

“You can’t bring the hope of hundreds of women and say you’re going to have a women-only session in August, and then change it eight weeks later.”

In November 2023, Pinches protested against the U-Turn by conceding the Women’s Champion of Champions title to transgender opponent Harriet Haynes in Prestatyn.

“This is the first time I’ve ever conceded a game – it’s the hardest thing to do,” Pinches said.

“I just thought, I don’t think I can, commit to my heart, continue to lie to myself and play the game and see that it’s not fair.

“This is not a passing issue, it is justice, it is not an individual issue.

“I don’t want to put myself out there again, and I don’t want to get back at the critics.

“Until the organizations change to a women-only (group), I will not participate.”

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Lynne Pinches’ brother, Barry, is a professional snooker player and a UK Championship quarter-finalist.

Haynes says transgender players have been competing on women’s teams for 20 years, and there is “no conclusive evidence” that they have an advantage in the cue game.

They are taking action against the English Blackball Pool Federation (EBPF), which decided to ban female pool players from competing in the women’s pool.

Pinches says he and other players are skeptical of threats to take action that have prompted other governing bodies to take action on their transgender policies.

The WEPF and Ultimate Pool Group did not respond to requests for comment on Pinches’ claims, or to explain why they made the U-turn.

As part of the EBPF’s defense in maintaining their ban, they argue that players who were born male and went through puberty have physical advantages in the cue game, such as the ability to produce high breathing speed, long arms to pass balls and long reach.

Pinches says she is among the players who are making their own rules about the rules forcing them to play for women.

He is expected to cite the Equality Act, which says it is legal to ban the participation of disabled people in sporting competitions where strength, power or physicality is a factor in deciding the winner – as long as it is necessary in the interests of justice or safety. competition.

“We will have the science to prove our case in court,” Pinches said.

“I think we have a responsibility to make sure that (transgender women) have an opportunity and not the other way around.

“(But) you’d have to hide under a rock for the last 100 years not to know that men are better at all sports.”

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