JCPenney has become TikTokers’ unexpected beauty obsession

JCPenney has become TikTokers’ unexpected beauty obsession

JCPenney Beauty carries popular beauty, skin care and hair products.
Gareth Patterson/JCPenney

  • JCPenney replaced Sephora stores with JCPenney Beauty departments.
  • TikTokers are discovering the retailer as an alternative to beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta.
  • JCPenney introduced the concept in 2021 and has it in stores by 2023.

Beauty gurus have discovered an unexpected place to get makeup and skin care products – JCPenney. And TikTokers help spread the word.

“I heard on TikTok that there’s this new JC Penney Beauty location,” creator Kailey Jordyn tells viewers as she kicks off. TikTok video. “This could be a serious problem.”

Although JCPenney has been around since 1902, its beauty department has undergone more recent evolutions. The department store merged with Sephora in 2006, but the beauty brand has since moved into Kohl’s stores instead. JCPenney introduced its beauty department in 2021 and began rolling out the concept in stores by 2023.

JCPenney’s revamped beauty department has become a place to find beauty brands that TikTokers can’t afford. other beauty shops.

“I think JCPenney is trying to get more indie brands that aren’t at Sephora, that aren’t at Ulta,” said makeup artist Adam Ryan. TikTok video she points to JCPenney Beauty displays with makeup from Lime Crime and KimChi. “This is incredible!”

JCPenney also differentiates itself with products from various founders. Last summer, the retailer launched KimChi Chic Beauty in more than 600 stores, the beauty trade publication oxygen informed. JCPenney recently partnered with Black-owned fragrance brand Maison Chemin to carry its fragrances in 50 stores. Black Enterprise informed.

“A lot of representation at JCPenney,” creator Alexis Androulakis told viewers as she showed off her KimChi line in a TikTok video tour. “Gen Alpha should come to JCPenney Beauty.”


In reply to @karyns087 When @Adam Ryan’s video kept tagging us about @JCPenney creating their own in-store beauty experiences at @JCPenneyBeauty, branded retailers (along with testers!!) that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere, I thought it was , is the absolute BEST use of their pre-existing Sephora space. And we had to do a tour… So we caught one in Staten Island 👀. Let’s take a walk around and give you a look at what they have to offer and some impressions. Seeing all the indie beauty brands felt like discovering hidden gems in a treasure trove. It’s great and refreshing that they curate unique options, giving you as a consumer the chance to discover beauty brands and products that break the mold but don’t make it to the physical shelves of major retailers due to budget constraints. The representation and fund they have is definitely something worth getting into in my opinion! Will you be visiting JC Penney Beauty? Tell us what brands you want to see in the store 🤔

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Once a popular store in many American malls, JCPenney has struggled to revive its appeal.

JCPenney Beauty is part of the company’s $1 billion reinvestment plan for long-term growth and increased customer loyalty. Announced in August 2023, the plan includes store updates, technology upgrades, website upgrades and supply chain optimization.

JCPenney replaced Sephora stores with JCPenney Beauty.
Gareth Patterson/JCPenney

“By creating a complete beauty experience, JCPenney can quickly adapt and respond to our customers’ wants and needs,” Michelle Wlazlo, JCPenney’s EVP and Chief Merchandising Officer, told Retail TouchPoints.

Retail analyst Neil Saunders told Business Insider via email that the plan is “a big step up from the lack of investment over the past few years.”

It allows the beauty retailer to introduce new customers to the brand when makeup and skincare are in high demand. Elf Beauty, maker of $2 lip liner and $7 mascara, saw sales jump 76% year-over-year in the second quarter of 2023. Beauty retailer Ulta reported a more than 6% increase in net sales last quarter to $2.5 billion.

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