Is It Worth Paying Extra to Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel?

Is It Worth Paying Extra to Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel?

You can expect to pay IMPORTANCE more to stay at a Walt Disney World resort hotel than you would at a similar off-property hotel. But you might be surprised at how much difference we’re talking about. Here’s a closer look, as well as information about the benefits of staying at a Disney hotel.

How much more do Disney hotels cost?

Disney divides its hotels into three different main categories — value-priced resorts, moderate-priced resorts, and deluxe resorts. There are also studios and villas available at some of these resorts which are popular with large families. According to, a typical priced Disney resort, which includes the popular “All Star” series of resorts, costs $220 to $265 per night for a standard room. Moderately priced resorts, which include Disney’s Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans Resorts, range from $268 to $505, on average. And you can expect a room at a Disney deluxe resort to set you back $409 to $779 per night at properties like the Beach Club Resort and the famous Grand Floridian Resort.

Of course, these are only averages and prices can vary greatly based on the time of year you go and which resort you choose. And if you’re curious, average prices for one- and two-bedroom villas at Disney resort hotels start at $643 and $928 per night, respectively.

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For comparison, the median hotel price out of 750 Orlando-area hotels is $151 per night, according to travel website Budget Your Trip. And the analysis found that more than 200 of the 750 hotels had an average daily rate of $101 or less. Additionally, the average price of a luxury hotel (comparable to Disney deluxe resorts) is $358 for Orlando as a whole.

Benefits of staying at a Walt Disney World hotel

There are some obvious advantages to staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel, such as proximity to the theme parks. But there are other important advantages that are important to know as well:

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  • Additional hours at the parks: While staying at a Disney resort hotel, you can enter all four Walt Disney World theme parks 30 minutes before they open to the public, and guests at some hotels can stay after the parks’ normal closing time. select nights.
  • Disney meal plans: On-property guests can add prepaid meal plans to the Disney resort hotel package.
  • Disney Transportation: Guests of Disney hotels can use Disney buses, boats, and monorails to get to the parks, as well as the Disney Skyliner, which serves some resort hotels.
  • Free parking: Resort guests get free standard parking at all Disney World theme parks and water parks. It usually costs $30 per day at the theme parks.

There is also special financing available for Disney vacations (including resort hotel stays) if you have one of the Disney credit cards.

There is no perfect answer for everyone, and judging by the fact that most Walt Disney World hotels are sold out (or close to it) for most of the year, there are many vacationers who find value in staying on Disney property. The best move for you depends on your travel budget, personal financial situation, and how important the benefits listed above are. for you. For example, the extra hours early in the morning may be good if you want to catch a popular ride before the park opens to the public, but if you want to sleep in on vacation, this benefit is less important to you.

The bottom line is that there are pros and cons to staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel. My family has annual passes to Walt Disney World and we did it both ways and found strong arguments in favor of each.

In addition to the cost savings of staying off-property, you can also choose to stay in a location convenient to other Orlando area attractions, and get more space than you would find in a on-property accommodation. I can tell you firsthand that a four bedroom Airbnb at a nice resort near the parks is very reasonably priced, while the same amount of space at a Disney resort will cost you more than a nice used car. .

Therefore, the best decision-making step is to compare the prices of the dates you are going to and evaluate the value of the benefits compared to the additional costs.

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