Ipswich Town: Don Goodman says Ipswich Town are under pressure

Ipswich Town: Don Goodman says Ipswich Town are under pressure

The Blues are currently second in the Championship table, one point ahead of Southampton and two ahead of Leeds United in fourth. However, some observers believe that the relegated sides in the Premier League will be the strongest, and it is only a matter of time before they find Kieran McKenna’s men in the promotion race.

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Of course, this is Ipswich’s first season back in the second tier, having spent four seasons in League One, and many supporters believe the pressure is on the top three contenders. Despite this, Goodman is confident that the players will see the need to reach the top where they are strong.

“It’s easy for the fans to have that attitude but believe me, the pressure is on the players because they are in a position to reach the Premier League,” he said via Casino Alpha.

“The attitude of the fans is probably defensive and they may take it as a free kick and all that, but believe me, their players will want to go to the Premier League.

“Their ambition now, after 28 games, is to go to the Premier League. Before the ball was kicked, maybe they wanted to knock on the door of the play-offs, but ambitions change.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Blues are seven points behind leaders Leicester City after Monday's 1-1 draw.The Blues are seven points behind leaders Leicester City after Monday’s 1-1 draw (Photo: Pagepix)

“There are some teams at the bottom of the table who are desperate not to be relegated, while when the season starts they are hoping to get a place in the finals. As you progress through the season and as you get closer to achieving your goals, the pressure increases.

“They are right in one aspect. Whatever happens from now on, it would be a very good season. So if they want to say that, that’s fine. But to say that there is no pressure is wrong, there is pressure and it seems to me that they improve because of the number of points who won by losing titles.

“I also like Kieran McKenna and I think he has a big future. Not only because Ipswich are second, but I’m also looking at the players he took in League One. They are now one of the best performers in the Championship and under his management, he has improved them individually by 20% , 30%, 40% when he took them. That tells me that Kieran McKenna is going very far in this game.”

Abroad, concerns began to spread following a string of games over the holiday season, with Ipswich failing to win a league match between December 12 and January 13.

However, they showed a huge improvement in their performances against Sunderland and Leicester City, which Goodman described as ‘very impressive’.

East Anglian Daily Times: Town have come from behind to take points in their last two gamesTown have come from behind to take points from their last two games (Photo: Stephen Waller)

“Getting four points against Sunderland and Leicester City is enough. They scored the first goal in both games but they managed to dig deep and show why they can continue to push for the top two and they can stay there.”

“What I like is that they have gone through two very difficult games and their next two games are Preston North End away and West Bromwich Albion at home. It is a difficult game, but not as tough as Sunderland and Leicester combined and they will go into it with a lot of faith.”

“After this, they will have to fight against the teams in the last nine games. Their record against the bottom half is nine wins, five draws and none. They have a good record against these teams and have a nine game streak against them. If they can get points against Preston and West Bromwich Albion, I think at the end of the nine games they will be in the promotion position or very far from the top two.

“So the four points against Sunderland and Leicester were huge.”

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