India vs England LIVE: Cricket win and changes after the crowd ruled on a difficult day for Ben Stokes’ men

India vs England LIVE: Cricket win and changes after the crowd ruled on a difficult day for Ben Stokes’ men

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India started the second day where they left off the first, piling on the runs as England toiled in the field in search of wickets.

However, England’s worries were greater, with Jack Leach suffering a knee injury, limited to 16 overs on the second day, as India scored runs, starting the day at 119 for one and finishing at 421 for seven, taking the lead. at 175.

England’s batsmen did not create the same threat that India offered and although the pace was poor at times, the batsmen kept wickets in hand and kept their opponents out of the field.

KL Rahul survived a scare just short of zero and made 86, before missing the ball straight to deep midwicket, as Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patal began the third day unbeaten on 81 and 35 respectively.

England suffered a setback just before the first Test when Harry Brook returned home for personal reasons, although they will be cheered by the news that Virat Kohli has also been ruled out of the first two Tests for personal reasons.

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Match report: Stumps: India 421-7 – 175 overs lead

On the first day, despite perhaps the best conditions for Test batting, England worked hard on their run-up as Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja wore them down with their skill on the red pitch.

Sonia Twigg26 January 2024 12:47


At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

Asked how England can get back into the game, Patel said: “First and foremost is three wickets.

“We’ll get them out, we’ll get what’s behind the game from there. There’s a good mentality in the team, it’s been going on for the last couple of years and it’s very exciting, going to the third day because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

“Nobody knows what’s going to happen and I think that’s the beauty of this team at this point in the game.”

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At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

On Root’s bowling more, Patel said: “They started with a big wicket, there was a lot of chatter about going into the game and the day’s play, to start early and see if we can create problems.

“So for us it was about finding a short time for the boys. It wasn’t going to sit these guys out for long, because like I said Jack has a knee problem so we have to be careful how we run everyone.

“The reality is you can’t put one person in the over 40s, as we would all like to see.”

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At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

On Tom Hartley, Patel said: “Honestly, Jack (Leach) hit his knee yesterday, and he hit it again today so Jack is probably our guy who could bowl the overs.

“It’s a shame for him, because you could see that he’s not doing as well as he should have been. He played it cool considering it, but Tom had to do it.

“Rehan played really well today and made some good and impressive chances in the match,” said Joe.

“The advantage of having that in attack is that you can share it. Tom has created opportunities and has taken a couple of wickets, it would have been nice to have taken a few more, but that’s the way the game is at the moment and the time will come.”

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At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

England spinner Jeetan Patel gives his thoughts on day two: “Tough day for us.

“The reality is that the boys have put in a lot of effort. It would have been better if we got more opportunities that came our way, rather than not going.

“I think he hit really well, I think he made a big connection. But I think we’re proud of how we keep coming ball after ball, and keep creating chances.

“Their things turned around, at some point they will change and we have to move on.”

Sonia Twigg26 January 2024 11:54


At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

KL Rahul adds that he is enjoying his transition from opening batting to the middle order.

When asked if there was a number in mind for the initial goal, he said: “No. It’s the second day, we didn’t have any goals in mind. We just wanted to bat as much as possible and put as many runs on the board as I said, it’s the second day.

“We had a chat in the morning and the chat was to push as hard as we can and if we can take you out of the game then we have to do well and try to do that.”

Sonia TwiggJanuary 26, 2024 11:50


At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

KL Rahul on top: “Very different from South Africa for sure. Obviously we’ve all grown up playing on wickets like this, the pace of the wicket is slow and it started to slow down as the ball got bigger so it was difficult.”

“But we were playing with wickets as we were growing up, so I had to not change my game but know what I have to play on this pitch and wait for the chance to play.”

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At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

KL Rahul said on the international feed: “Obviously the hundred in South Africa has given me a lot of confidence and I’ve been playing a lot of cricket in the last six or seven months since my injury so I’ve been spending a lot of time in the middle, so that’s coming out well.

“I just wanted to go try out the game and see what I can play and stay positive and put a few runs on the board.”

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At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

Stay tuned to hear what is happening in the India and England camps.

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At stumps: India 421-7 – lead by 175

That has been India’s day. There is no doubt about it. Although it was slow going at times and the boundaries looked few and far between, there was no pressure to take the wickets needed to get to the top of the game.

England will be tired, but they will not let themselves down, chasing every ball and throwing their bodies around.

But the lack of wickets is a problem. Even the takers, most of them were gifted, especially KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer running to midwicket, and Ashwin’s mix.

The game has taken a different leap which is another challenge, but England need to take three more wickets before deciding how to try to get India to bat again.

Sonia Twigg26 January 2024 11:33

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