‘I came home and bought it right away’

‘I came home and bought it right away’

GRAND Tour star Jeremy Clarkson has added a new British engine to his impressive list after the latest show.

The Sun columnist was so impressed with the car he used on a trip across Africa with friends James May and Richard Hammond that he “bought one” when he returned to the UK.

Jeremy Clarkson has added a new car to his list after the latest round of the Grand TourCredit: Amazon
He used a Jaguar F-Type V6 to follow the route of the original Paris-Dakar Rally alongside Richard Hammond and James May.Credit: Amazon
The winner said he ‘cannot have enough praise’ for the luxury sports carCredit: Amazon

The new special, which will air on Amazon Prime on February 16, sees three trips through the West African country of Mauritania following part of the starting route of the Paris-Dakar Rally.

However, instead of the custom-made machines used by the racers, Clarkson, Hammond and May were forced to make the 1,200-mile journey in modified cars.

To tackle this huge task, Jeremy chose the supercharged Jaguar F-Type V6, which was seen in the show’s new trailer.

The upcoming special will see the footballer carry the former Top Gear presenter across the Sahara desert, but now he can be seen roaming the Oxfordshire countryside.


That’s because Clarkson brought it home from Africa and now keeps it at Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington, near Chipping Norton.

What is the Paris-Dakar race?

The Paris-Dakar Rally was established in 1979 and is considered one of the most famous races in motorsport.

At first it traveled 3,000 kilometers between the main cities of France and Senegal, with uneducated and experienced drivers making the long journey.

Part of the appeal was that the endurance race tested cars to the limit through the unforgiving mountains of the Sahara.

The incumbent is Carlos Sainz Sr., the legendary driver and father of F1 Carlos Jr., who became the oldest driver to win the race, aged 61.

However, the contestants will no longer take the well-known route across Africa after the event ended in 2008 due to security concerns.

Following this, the tournament moved to South America in 2009 and stayed until the 2020 edition was held in Saudi Arabia, where it has been.

Not only that, but he also bought an unmodified version of the same car to add to his stable.

According to a piece he wrote in The Times, a used F-Type from 2013 is worth about $25,000, but it’s unclear how much.

On his return from Africa, Clarkson said he “cannot be praised enough”.

He said: “This was so interesting, I came home and bought it right away.”

“I brought back the one I drove in Mauritania, I have it in the field.”

Jeremy Clarkson confirms the future of Clarkson’s Farm after leaving The Grand Tour

And talking about the new special, he continued: “It’s my favorite one we’ve ever done.

“I always thought we couldn’t go any further than Botswana, and now we have.”

It comes after the trio announced that they will be leaving the Grand Tour after a series of special events, making the tour of Mauritania, which is called Sand Job, their first tour.

Bosses at Amazon are rumored to be considering continuing the show, perhaps in a different way, and that’s something the current cast says they’re comfortable with.

Each will continue with his various projects such as Clarkson’s Farm and May’s Our Man In … for Amazon, as well as Hammond’s Smallest Cog restoration garage that can be found on the Discovery Plus show.

However, James May hinted at his potential future use in January when he gave his verdict on the trio’s hopes of a rematch.

Why did Clarkson, Hammond and May leave the Grand Tour?

The Sun revealed in November 2023 that the beloved motoring trio would be leaving The Grand Tour.

They launched the show together in 2016 after Clarkson was fired from the BBC’s Top Gear, which they have hosted since 2003.

Since then, they have been traveling around the world, with specials from countries such as Vietnam, USA, Norway and Colombia.

However, they have now decided to step down after the remaining African specials.

A TV executive told The Sun: “It’s a shocking decision and everyone knows it’s the end of an era for these three presenters.

“But these guys haven’t done anything because they’re all moving on and they’ve got a lot of work to do.

“They just felt like the time was right and they wanted to go to the top while the show remained popular.”

The episode will see the group follow a 1,200 kilometer section of the famous route, which was established in 1979.Credit: Amazon
However, they have to do it modified sports carsCredit: Amazon
They will take a treacherous journey across the Sahara desertWord: Alamy
This episode is the second to last special before the popular team exits the showCredit: Amazon
The Grand Tour: Sand Job is available February 16 on Amazon PrimeCredit: Amazon

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