How to turn your business idea into reality

How to turn your business idea into reality

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – The Nevada Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is offering free business guidance and coaching to anyone with fewer than 500 employees. That’s 98 percent of all businesses in Nevada.

No one is too small. For example, a free tutorial is available for anyone looking to sell homemade cinnamon rolls commercially.

Just north of the University of Nevada Reno quad and next to the Richard H. Bryan statue sits the Ansari Business Building. The SBDC sits inside in room 411.

“This is our main state office here for the Nevada Small Business Development Center. We have 12 different offices around the state, but this is where we do most of our small business consulting. It’s one-on-one, free and confidential,” said Brad Scribner, Community Project Manager for the Small Business Development Center.

Winnie Dowling is the State Director of the Nevada Small Business Development Center. It operates several SBDC offices in Nevada.

“Our services are everywhere. It can be starting a business, licensing, marketing, buying a business, e-commerce and so on, all these services. We are ready to help everyone. We welcome anyone who visits our office, and this may be for several years. Maybe you are not ready now. “Maybe you’re just thinking about it,” Dowling said.

Sandra Rentis has worked as a business consultant for nearly 20 years. He teaches best practices in business formation and financing, business planning, and helping people evaluate financing options.

“Our service has no cost and provides a lot of information on whether they have the right location if they know their target market, and we can provide research and provide information on legal structure,” Dowling said.

It also provides services in Spanish.

Ben Tedore is a web communications consultant. Meets one-on-one to teach online best practices.

“I often show them how to build a web presence and use tools to drive traffic to their business,” Tedore said.

The service is free and confidential. He meets with his clients on zoom and in person.

Pasquale Lovinella is a success story. He was making handmade ties at home when he contacted the SBDC in 2015.

“From the beginning, they helped me with marketing and the website,” Iovinella said.

He says sales increase with consistency and courage.

He now sells fine Italian clothing out of his storefront at 6135 Lakeside Drive #109 in Reno, where he continues to hand-sewn ties and bowties, as well as other items imported from Italy, including coats and suits.

Iovinella and his wife credit the SBDC for helping them achieve this success.

“We just made an appointment. We told them that this is our help, these are our obstacles. we’re not sure what we’re going to do with these things here,” said Erikka Sorensen, Iovinella’s wife.

She says SBDC staff will share specific steps she and her husband can take, and then SBDC staff will monitor their progress.

SBDC leadership has led to magazine articles, marketing events, and even this KOLO 8 web article.

The SBDC also has a program called “Made in Nevada.”

It was launched during the pandemic to help local small business owners sell online.

In 2022, SBDC advised 3,203 clients and supported 6,200 cases in Nevada.

The US Small Business Administration is the primary funder of the Nevada Small Business Development Centers. The SBDC is also sponsored by the University of Nevada Reno and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, along with various other state and local partners.

All kinds of other grants and projects fund the SBDC’s Reno office.

Click here for a free and confidential consultation. This can be virtual or in person.

Shoppers can click here to buy directly from genuine Nevada businesses or click here for a complete list of Made in Nevada businesses.

Business owners who manufacture products in Nevada can click here to learn for free about the benefits of joining the nonprofit organization known as Made in Nevada. These include a platform to connect with more local buyers, connect with other business owners and advertise your products to a wider audience in the Silver State.

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