How strippers use cosmetic procedures to save time and make more money

How strippers use cosmetic procedures to save time and make more money

Lee often meets her escort clients at luxury hotels in Midtown Manhattan or accompanies them to networking dinners posing as her sexy and smart girlfriend.
Penelope Dario

  • Stripper and professional escort Mia Lee has optimized her beauty routine to fit her busy schedule with work.
  • She doesn’t worry about makeup, skin care, or periods because of the procedures she’s gotten over the years.
  • Lee said he sees these expensive treatments as an investment in his business.

Time is the most precious commodity for anyone at the top of their game, and the same is true for stripper Mia Lee.

The 35-year-old, who also works as a professional escort, can earn $34,000 in one week Filling his schedule with sexy candlelit dinners, late nights at the strip club and weekend getaways with Wall Street executives, Business Insider previously reported.

Lee typically works six days a week, entertaining clients, creating content for her personal finance YouTube channel, serving as CFO of erotic art and culture magazine Petit Mort, and keeping up with the administrative tasks that keep her busy. income streams flow.

When Lee finds some free time, he uses it to sleep and eat. However, he wakes up every morning looking clean, not tired. Lee never sweats, has glowing skin, a sculpted jawline, and never menstruates. By design.

“I try to identify as many ways as possible to invest in myself when it makes economic sense in terms of time, effort or future costs, just like a company would invest in automation,” Lee told BI.

According to documents obtained by BI, Lee spent more than $57,000 on procedures such as liposuction, sweat removal, liposuction and facial fillers, as well as recurring treatments such as eyelash extensions and foot peels. Take as little effort as possible from Lee.

“I get a lot of cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery because I don’t want to waste time putting 50 creams on my face every day. I want the comfort of a white man,” Lee told BI.

She shared the beauty treatments, cosmetic procedures, and other products she’s purchased over the past decade that she views as career investments. BI used Lee’s estimates, medical bills and records from Lee’s doctors to verify these amounts. An additional $40,000 cannot be accounted for through treatment receipts and is not included in the total.

Cosmetic procedures like MiraDry, liposuction, and facial fillers were about a $50,000 investment.

Lee’s body is her brand. The 5’2″ former accountant, who has a penchant for cursing, drinking high-end whiskey, smoking cigars and driving sports cars — is what makes him attractive to his target audience of tech and financial professionals, he previously told BI.

Lee is laser focused on making the most money in as little time as possible.
Penelope Dario

Lee started her brand image — her body — about a decade ago, getting $10,500 worth of breast implants a few years before she became a stripper and escort. He soon paid about $3,900 miraDry, BI previously reported that the sweat-eliminating procedure, which involves numbing the armpits and then applying a microwave-powered device to the area, permanently destroys the sweat glands. Since then, she hasn’t had to buy or wear deodorant.

after Transition to sex work in 2019, she began to invest in her appearance in new ways. Liposuction, butt injections, facial fillers, and other cosmetic procedures make her look desirable to clients with minimal effort.

Last year, Lee had liposuction on her lower back for $6,500. She estimates she spent $30,000 on various other liposuction procedures over the past three years (BI could not confirm this figure and it is not included in the total). She also added fat to her cheeks and belly with a procedure called Sculptra for about $14,040.

He also passed removal of buccal fata one-time $8,000 procedure to remove fat from the cheek area to create a slimmer face shape.

In 2018, it was Lee endometrial ablation, surgery to stop her period. He said that the insurance covers all expenses. Lee recently had a procedure called a lower blepharoplasty to remove excess eyelid skin, which he said cost $5,500. BI could not confirm the procedure, but Lee shared a video on his Instagram account moments before he went under the knife.

Recurring treatments such as fillers, eyelash extensions and foot peels cost about $7,000 a year

The less time Lee spends before going to a strip club or meeting a client, the better. She found ways to eliminate makeup and routine beauty care such as skin care, shaving and waxing.

Lee left her job as a forensic accountant on Wall Street, making six figures, and went on to work for herself as a professional escort and stripper.
Penelope Dario

Before Lee started working as a professional escort, she found that shaving and waxing her body hair was a huge time-suck.

So about 10 years ago, she found laser hair removal Groupons — digital coupons for discounted entertainment, treatments, vacations and products — and started buying treatments to maintain her hairless physique. She estimates she spent about $10,000 on laser hair removal sessions for her upper and lower legs, entire bikini area, and underarms (receipts weren’t available, so it wasn’t included in our total). But now that the hair is gone, it’s not an expense Lee has to think about.

Lee applies fillers including Dysport to her face, forehead to prevent crow’s feet, between her eyebrows, around her eyes and trapezius muscle, and pays about $1,000 for all 3 areas every five months. Lee puts Dysport in her chin to give her a slimmer look, which costs about $500 every nine months.

Every three weeks, Lee forks over $100 for eyelash extensions.

Then, once a year, Li treats herself to a plasma microneedling facial, during which a dermatologist or esthetician uses fine needles to break the skin’s surface and then draws the patient’s blood onto it to improve skin elasticity. The treatment set him back about $700. Lee also spends $600 a year getting her microbladed brows done, she said.

When it comes to hair and nails, Lee likes to keep it simple. She doesn’t get regular manicures or pedicures and instead opts for monthly at-home foot peels, which cost about $240 a year. Lee will spend $75 on a pedicure, she said, if the four-a-year photo shoot is coming up.

She dyes her long black hair at home every four months, using a drugstore dye to cover grays. When she washes her hair, she uses a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. In total, these hair care products cost about $200 a year, Lee said.

And she rarely pays for a full-price professional haircut. “I only cut my hair every two or three years and donate it to Locks of Love. Sometimes the cuts are free and I tip $50, sometimes I pay about $200 for a cut,” Lee said.

Daily skin care and hygiene products cost about $900 a year

Lee said she doesn’t wear any makeup unless she’s on set for a shoot.

Every day, she applies a drugstore lip balm and sunscreen (always SPF 50)—that’s about $185 a year. The only other skin care product Lee buys is tretinoin cream, an anti-acne cream that costs about $25 a month. She applies it every night after brushing her teeth with a Panasonic toothbrush ($112) and purple-correcting toothpaste (about $20 a tube).

Her favorite everyday beauty item, a hooded shawl with a built-in face mask that Lee wears while running errands and driving Uber, further protects her face from UV rays. Lee said the $8 purchase is to maintain her youthful appearance and extend her other facial treatments.

“Most women, even if they’re not sex workers, put on make-up, shave and do their hair. But I choose to write checks to remove all those worries from my life,” Lee said.

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