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The struggles of the 2023 Pitt Panther football team have been well documented, and those struggles should continue throughout the season.

The question on the minds of Pitt fans is whether or not these struggles will hold up in their recruiting process, especially their Class of 2024.

Because of what happened this season, the talent that Pitt has to bring next season, which is very strong, has been forgotten. Currently, Pitt’s current class of 21 commitments is ranked 31st by Rivals.com and includes five 4-star prospects.

Pittsburgh Sports Now reached out to the players to find out what they think of Pitt and if anything is changing? The good news is that everyone seems to be locked in with the Panthers.

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Davin Brewton, 2024 3-star LB (Red Bank, New Jersey)

“It’s been a tough season for Pitt this year but football, you’re going to have ups and downs. I know that Coach Narduzzi and his staff will change for the better, I have a lot of faith in them. I’m not going anywhere because Pitt is a great program and our class of 24 will have a big impact on the team and I’m excited. “

Jahsear Whittington, 2024 4-star DT (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

“The weather doesn’t change how I view the football program. They are in the rebuilding stage. A lot of guys need to step up and play at a higher level. I still have a lot of confidence in the trainers that they know what they are doing. This is the same franchise that recently won the ACC championship, it’s just a matter of time before it all happens. I talk to Coach Partridge every week, he lets me know how the dline did and he’s just getting ready for next week.

Photo courtesy of Jahsear Whittington’s Twitter account.

Francis Brewu, 2024 3-star DL (Worthington, Ohio)

“Winning a lot of games is nice, but that’s not why I chose Pitt.” I chose more for them. When it comes to my growth at my position, it doesn’t get any better than what Coach P is doing there and the main goal is to get to the NFL, so yeah, he’s struggling a little bit right now but that’s something I know. it will be translated, so I’m not worried about it at all. I had a lot of faith in my crew and the class of 24 so I’m sure it will be good and get back to being the best team in the country! I still talk to the teachers several times a week and I enjoy talking to them and the message is the same, the message I get is that they are going to change this to work and I know it will. “

Photo courtesy of Francis Brewu’s Twitter account.

Jeremiah Marcelin, 2024 3-star LB (Miami, Florida)

“I love Pitt, I mean everyone is looking at what’s going on with the season and they just have to clean some things up in the house to start again. I still talk to the staff regularly and they know what they need to do to change now it has to be implemented. They’ve got a big one this week at home and they want to do well and bring the W.”

Photo courtesy of Jeremiah Marcelin’s Twitter account.

Mason Lindsay, 2024 3-star OL (Hyattsville, Maryland)

“Pitt’s struggles this season are just because of the new faces, the new changes we’ve had and the injuries on the offensive line. I believe Pitt’s program and assistants are amazing. The same staff won the ACC in 2021 but every team has struggles from time to time, but this doesn’t affect my thoughts or feelings about leaving Pitt or changing my commitment. I still talk to the coaches every week, I just finished talking to Narduzzi today.”

Allen Bryant, 2024 3-star DB (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

“No, this season has nothing to do with me in terms of communication, not even in terms of commitment. Obviously, you see the team you play to beat and you feel the other way. Well, I know it’s because I’m competitive and I don’t like to lose but I also realize that programs take years. It just comes with the part, but I know that when I get to school, I’ll make sure I do my part to make sure this doesn’t happen again. “

Moritz Schmoranzer, 2024 3-star OL (Roanoke, Virginia)

“I am still fully committed to this program and the university, and I am sure the rest of the class of 24 is as well. Pitt has had better years, that’s true, but every team has its ups and downs and I think that motivates my class a lot, helping the team bounce back. This season is very encouraging for me personally, I have to work and be healthy. When I talk to the staff and the players they don’t ask if I’m still committed because they know I am. When I talk to Coach Narduzzi or coach Borbs, it’s personal and that’s what Pitt loves and I love it. The coaches and most of the staff and I have a great relationship, because for me there’s more than one way to get on the field, Coach Narduzzi told me he likes my D-Line film a lot, he talked to Coach before. Partridge is excited about that, as well as special teams like punt teams and field goals.

Photo courtesy of Moritz Schmoranzer’s Twitter account.

Juelz Goff, 2024 3-star RB (York, Pennsylvania)

“I just feel like there are problems they are facing and they have happened. It’s part of the game. Not everything will go as planned, or as expected. However, it doesn’t embarrass me or change anything. I’m still locked up.”

Photo courtesy of Juelz Goff’s Twitter account.

Cameron Lindsey, 2024 4-star LB (Aliquippa HS)

“It’s been a tough season for Pitt so far. The way I feel about the program hasn’t changed. I still feel good about my decision to be a Pitt Panther. I’ve been in contact with some of the staff throughout the weeks, so I still have a good relationship with Coach Manalac, Coach Narduzzi, and the rest of the staff. . It’s time for them to turn their season around, they just have to step up and find their strength.”

Photo courtesy of Cameron Lindsey’s Twitter account.

Cameron Monteiro, 2024 3-star WR (Brockton, Massachusetts)
“The way I look at it is a down year. They finished in the top 25 two years in a row. They had some problems at the beginning of the year that hindered them. I meet them every week. There is always an eye on me. Their staff has people who believe in me and I believe that they can do me good.”

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