Google Cloud, PMY’s partner to revolutionize the game, LIV Golf

Google Cloud, PMY’s partner to revolutionize the game, LIV Golf

Google Cloud and PMY will partner with LIV Golf on the Golf Companion App and its live streaming capabilities

LONDON, NEW YORK, WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., and SUNNYVALE, Calif., – Google Cloud and PMY Group (PMY) announced a new, multi-year partnership in which Google Cloud will be PMY’s technology partner for selected games, events, and customers in selected locations, helping to transform your experience using AI output. Under the agreement, Google Cloud and PMY will work on projects with several major sports and live systems, including a multi-year partnership with LIV Golf.

As one of the first projects under the partnership, LIV Golf will begin revealing fan-following trends, real-time information and marketing statistics, courses and event maps, and personalized experiences for fans and viewers. Drawing on PMY’s expertise in infrastructure transformation, fan technology, data intelligence, and Google Cloud’s generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, this partnership will help elevate the fan experience of golf, and provide a unique opportunity for the game.

Built on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, LIV’s new “Any Shot, Time Any” feature – which will be launched in the summer of 2024 on LIV Golf Plus – will create the latest broadcast opportunity. Fans will be able to choose exactly which golfers, teams, or teams they want to watch at any given time, as well as the most detailed and customizable viewing experience they can get from any LIV tournament.

“LIV Golf has been connected to technology since its inception and is a leader in integrating the latest technology in the game of golf,” said Matt Renner, President of Google Cloud. “As the technology partner of choice for LIV and other PMY clients, we are excited to help them create more engaging experiences with our leading AI tools and cloud platform.”

“This is a game changer for the game of golf and one that is very important to fans,” said LIV Golf Commissioner and CEO Greg Norman. “We are proud to have Google Cloud as LIV Golf’s technology partner as we accelerate the digital transformation of our league and the industry’s leading brand. By working with Google Cloud and our world-class partners, our leading technology and innovation approach will transform golf as a whole.” we are bringing this game in the future.

“As a player, captain and team owner, I am always looking for ways for LIV to improve our game,” said Crushers GC captain Bryson DeChambeau. “Our partnership with PMY and Google Cloud enables leagues and teams to create innovative ways to advance technology in the game of golf like we’ve never seen before. We always want to be the best. We want to think outside the box and explore the impossible, and with Google Cloud, the impossible becomes a reality.”

In addition to “Every Shot, Every Time,” LIV’s Golf Companion App, powered by Google Cloud’s AI technology, including its large language models (LLMs) – will help fans experience the golf event like never before. Included features include 3D aerial views of each venue, real-time stats, caddy views, and tournament replay settings. Also launching in the summer of 2024, the Golf Companion App will be available free of charge to consumers and can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores.

“The partnership between Google Cloud, LIV Golf, and PMY is the result of a great collaboration – PMY’s global data and experience, Google Cloud’s advanced technologies, and LIV Golf’s innovative approach. Our shared goal is to improve our experience in the sport and bring our combined expertise and world-class technologies to the world’s most prestigious sport, LIV Golf,” said the CEO of PMY Group. Paul Yeomans.

In addition to its partnership with PMY, Google Cloud has a long history of working with leading sports and entertainment organizations, including Major League Baseball, SoFi Stadium, the Football Association of England, and others.

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