Google Cloud launches new Vertex AI search capabilities for media and entertainment companies

Vertex AI Search for Media’s recommendation capabilities are now generally available and help improve the audience experience

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA., November 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Google Cloud announced new ones today Vertex AI search Features specifically designed to help media and entertainment companies deliver more personalized experiences to their viewers. Recommendations are our first generally available features that provide media companies with generative AI-powered recommendations that engage audiences by delivering personalized content recommendations that directly address consumers’ individual interests.

More than 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions, and 76% are frustrated when this doesn’t happen (Source: McKinsey). With recommendations, companies can address this frustration while benefiting from more meaningful engagement on their platforms. According to a recent Harris Poll study commissioned by Google Cloud, 79% of respondents say they have retained a subscription after discovering new content. By providing more personalized content recommendations, media and entertainment companies can increase time spent on their platforms, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

“Vertex AI Search will become an essential tool for media and entertainment companies, helping them improve and deepen audience engagement,” said Anil Jain, managing director, Strategic Consumer Industries, Google Cloud. “The new features launched today will use genetic AI to provide personalized content recommendations that can help media companies better target, grow and retain their audiences.”

Google Cloud invests in developing new technologies specifically designed to help media and entertainment companies better distribute and monetize their digital content. The new Vertex AI Search capabilities build on Google’s proven track record of developing successful video streaming platforms such as YouTube and news aggregator services such as Google News, as well as personalized product recommendations for e-commerce.

“Ensuring audience engagement is critical to our business, and Gen AI is key to delivering personalized experiences that strengthen our connection with viewers,” he says Robin Chacko, EVP Direct to Consumer, STARZ. “Using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for Media and recommendation capabilities, we can deliver tailored content that truly speaks to the individual interests of our viewers.”

Vertex AI Search’s new recommendation capabilities combine a variety of advanced AI techniques to generate personalized content recommendations, including:

  • Real-time user behavior: Vertex AI Search takes user behavior into account, e.g. B. the articles read and videos watched to identify patterns. This leads to recommendations that predict content the user is more likely to engage with. And because the recommendation features work in real time, they can quickly adapt to new viewers and also take into account different moods and intentions of a user during a given session.
  • Content similarity: Vertex AI Search compares the content of various articles, videos and other content to identify similarities, allowing it to generate recommendations for content similar to what the user has already viewed.

Vertex AI Search is fully managed and continually improved by Google Cloud. It integrates with consumer touchpoints including web, TV, mobile, newsletters and more using an easy-to-use API. This can enable media and entertainment companies of all types to focus their development teams on new, differentiated opportunities while delivering innovative personalized recommendations.

For more information about the recommendation capabilities Vertex AI Search offers for media and entertainment companies, see

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