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(Contributed Photo) Jordyn Gains performs as a member of the Williamstown Middle School Choir

WILLIAMSTOWN – Williamstown Middle School eighth grader Jordyn Gains is a multi-talented teenager, excelling in academics, music, and sports.

Profits has a 4.0 GPA and is taking two high school courses: Algebra 1 and Spanish 1.

“I’ve always loved math and like math problems,” he said.

“Spanish has always been my favorite language and I use it when we go on vacation in Mexico.”

He is also taking social studies, English, and science. Social studies is his favorite.

(Provided Photo) Jordyn Gains smiles with a track hurdle during a recent meet.

“I have always loved history and I find it interesting,” he said.

Her favorite teacher is her 6th grade teacher, Robert Wade.

“He was always engaging with the class. He made things interesting and meaningful for our generation,” he said.

Gains is also a musician in classes and as a hobby. In January 2023, she participated in the West Virginia American Choral Directors Association Middle School Honor Choir as a 7th grade student.

“You have to be tested. So you go to Morgantown and participate. I met students from all over the state,” he said.

(Contributed Photo) Jordyn Gains plays the clarinet during a recent concert at Williamstown Middle/High School

Gains said he enjoyed meeting his fellow choir students.

“It was a fun way to meet new people who have the same interests as you,” he said.

Gains said his favorite song of the weekend was called The Zip Zop Song. Composer Sherry Blevins dedicated the song to the esteemed choir as its world premiere.

“We were the first choir to sing this song. We used to beat the body. It was fun to sing and exercise at the same time,” he said.

Gains plays clarinet in the concert band and has played since the fifth grade.

(Provided Photo) Jordyn Gains shoots during basketball practice.

“It is another way of knowing your life. You interact with your device and other people are doing the same,” he said.

Gains said she plays the piano and sings in her spare time. He has been playing the piano since he was 10 years old.

“It’s a good way to relax. It’s more fun than anything,” he said.

Benefit participates in three sports: volleyball, basketball, and track. He said he enjoys all three, but volleyball is his favorite.

“It’s a crazy game. You have to be ready all the time,” he said.

(Provided Photo) Jordyn Gains jumps to hit the ball during a recent volleyball game.

The Williamstown Middle Volleyball team is back-to-back Wood County champions. They were just crowned champions on Oct. 24.

“We learn to work together as a team, not as a single player,” Mapindu told about their success.

Gains said his favorite thing about sports is the 2022 state championship and how Williamstown won.

“We lost the first game and went to the loser’s bracket,” he said.

“We tried to win the district championship,” he said. “It taught me that if you try, you can do a lot.”

(Provided Image) Jordyn Gains’ painting was featured in the annual Wood Whisperers magazine. He said he likes to draw for fun.

Mapindu started playing volleyball in youth camps when he was 8 years old. He has been playing basketball since he was 5 years old.

Overall, Mr. Gains said sports have helped his life.

“It gives me a headache,” he said. “If I can hold my head up in volleyball or basketball, I can hold my head up in life.”

He said he has made a few friends along the way and that adds to the fun.

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