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  • You can open high-yield business savings accounts at banks or credit unions.
  • Several financial institutions offer business bank accounts that pay 4% APY or more.
  • On some accounts, you may need to maintain balance requirements or perform certain activities to earn the highest APY.

Many banks and credit unions offer business bank accounts to earn interest. Whether you’re interested in opening a business savings or business money market account, we’ve compiled a list of the most competitive business banking rates right now.

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Nationwide Business Premium Savings

Axos Bank - Nationwide Nationwide Business Premium Savings

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Earn up to $375 when you maintain a minimum daily average balance of $75,000 and use promo code BPS375


no monthly service fee

Annual Percentage Yield (APY)


Minimum Deposit Amount

5000 dollars


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  • Check mark icon A check mark. This indicates confirmation of your intended interaction. No monthly maintenance fees

  • con icon Two crossed lines forming the letter ‘X’. High minimum opening deposit
  • con icon Two crossed lines forming the letter ‘X’. Account balances below $24,000 do not earn interest

Insider’s Take

Axos has strong high yield savings, checking and money market accounts. if you want to avoid the monthly service fee. But you can find higher interest rates at some of the best online banks.

Product Details

  • Business owners welcome up to $375!*
  • Choose smarter business banking through December 31st and enjoy up to 4.01% APY* and up to a $375 bonus when you maintain a minimum daily average balance of $75,000.† Just use promo code BPS375 on your application.
  • Earn 4.01% APY
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • There is no average daily balance request fee
  • Free picture expressions
  • Free online banking
  • Remote deposit from anywhere
  • $5,000 minimum opening deposit

8 high yield business savings accounts

The list below includes eight business bank accounts that offer at least 4% APY. Some are savings accounts; others are money market accounts like savings accounts, but may include additional features such as ATM cards or paper checks.

We’ve covered brick and mortar banks, online banks, and credit union accounts. Credit unions have membership eligibility requirements. However, we have selected credit unions that anyone can join, no matter where you live in the United States.

If you’re interested in an interest-paying business checking account, BlueVine is our top-grossing pick in our best free business checking accounts guide.

What to look for in business savings accounts

When comparing business savings accounts, you’ll want to consider more than just their interest rates. There are a few other features to consider when opening a business bank account:

  • Monthly bank service fee: Financial institutions may charge fees if you do not maintain a certain account balance or meet certain monthly transaction requirements. If you want to avoid fees altogether, online banks can be more attractive options than brick-and-mortar banks, as they often have accounts that don’t charge any monthly fees.
  • Opening deposit requirements: Minimum opening deposit is how much money you need to open an account. Some business bank accounts do not have a minimum opening deposit requirement.
  • Online/Mobile Banking: If you’re an avid mobile app user, check out a specific financial institution’s mobile app ratings and reviews before opening an account. Also, if you only bank with an online financial institution, check customer support hours and methods of availability.
  • Additional features offered: One feature that distinguishes money market accounts from savings accounts is that the former may offer debit card or check writing privileges.
  • FDIC/NCUA Insurance: Business bank accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 per depositor per account category. If you plan to put more than $250,000 into an individual account, there are ways to keep your money federally insured. You can spread your money among multiple financial institutions or find an institution that is part of the IntraFi Network (a program that spreads your money among other FDIC-insured financial institutions in the network).
  • General banking experience: Consider whether you plan to open other business bank accounts or products, such as a business line of credit or a business credit card.

Business Savings Account APY FAQs

Yes, many business savings accounts can earn interest. Most financial institutions offer business savings or business money market accounts.

Indiana First Internet Bank offers the highest interest rate for a business bank account. First Internet Bank of Indiana Business Money Market Account pays 5.46% APY on balances over $5 million. The highest interest rate for a business bank account with a lower account balance is Pacific Western Bank, which pays 5.15% APY on a business savings account.

Any business owner can open a high-interest savings account. If you’re saving for a specific business purpose or want to have an account for emergency reserves, you may want to consider opening a high-yield business savings account.

Yes, interest earned on business savings accounts is taxable. If you don’t report it, you could pay a penalty from the IRS.

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