DVIDS – News – Vilseck clinic in Hohenfels offers spine adjustments, health consultations and more

DVIDS – News – Vilseck clinic in Hohenfels offers spine adjustments, health consultations and more

JOINT MULTI-NATIONAL READINESS CENTER, Germany — In an effort to better accommodate Soldiers in the Hohenfels community, multiple medical providers at the U.S. Army Vilseck Army Health Clinic are providing outreach services to Hohenfels.

Soldiers at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center can now receive chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, occupational therapy and more without having to make the hour-long one-way drive to Camp Rose.

U.S. Army Health Clinic Hohenfels offers chiropractic care on the first and third Friday of each month. Armed Forces Health Center and Occupational Therapy are offered on the second and fourth Fridays. The Physiotherapy Clinic is located in the annex to the rear of the main clinic and operates regular services 10 hours a day Monday to Thursday, which allows visiting providers to use the facility from the first to the fourth Friday.

“This works great for patients,” said Lt. Col. Kathy McKenna, commander of the U.S. Army Health Clinic Hohenfels. “All patients who need it, especially those who need occupational therapy, would otherwise have to drive to Filsec to get those services. So we bring the care here to them, which makes it more efficient for our patient population and convenience. It gets them off the road and gets them back to work.”

Maj. Danny Harris, deputy commander for clinical services at the Bavarian State Agency for Medical Activities, said service providers were busy when they visited on Friday. In addition, the service received positive reviews through interactive customer assessments, especially regarding local availability. evaluation of.

“We have some great vendors who are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill the mission,” Harris added.

Dr. Jon Lopez, a chiropractor at the U.S. Army Vilseck Army Health Clinic MEDDAC-Bavaria, has worked in the chiropractic field for 12 years, 7.5 of which were in the military.

“It helps with preparation and reduces profile, so I think it’s good for the active community,” he said of chiropractic care. “Airmen can’t take certain medications, so it’s good to give them other options to manage pain.

“The misconception about chiropractic is that we are just manipulating and adjusting,” Lopez continued. “That’s what we’re known for. But it’s more than that. We do perform exercises to help correct any muscle imbalances, improve readiness, reduce injuries. We also do manual therapy soft tissue therapy. We have different tools.”

The Armed Forces Health Center provides prevention programs and services to community members so they can live healthier lives.

Dr. Randall Watkins, director of the Armed Forces Health Center, helps ensure that the AFWC’s functions are communicated to the communities the AFWC serves.

“Not every Soldier has access to a vehicle,” Watkins said. “Sometimes public transportation is affected. So it’s really about getting close and providing services to soldiers so they can benefit from the services.

“We saw service members in Hohenfels, Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Garmisch, Ansbach, Illesheim, and all over Bavaria,” Watkins continued. “We cover a large aspect of health. In many communities, our main focus is weight management.”

They advise patients on how to lose weight, maintain or gain weight, or increase lean muscle mass. Their recommendations are based on the patient’s current caloric expenditure, metabolism and physical activity. They can also assess blood oxygen levels and how the patient handles lactate.

Watkins added that the AFWC is open to family members, regular employees and service members.

Not all services are available at Vilseck. The “body pod” is a white, egg-shaped module that users can sit in and use air pressure to assess body composition, but is not mobile enough to travel to Hohenfels every two weeks.

“At least they can do the counseling portion and get at least some basic diet and exercise advice from the Armed Forces Health Center,” McKenna said. “Armed Forces Health Center staff can refer them to additional services.”

“We’re always open to trying to make things more patient-centered,” Harris said. “There’s a lot of services that are being offered. If they want to see something else rotated in these areas — that need is not being met — please tell us.”

To learn more about chiropractic, the Armed Forces Health Center, occupational health and other services currently offered at Hohenfels, please contact the clinic by visiting the clinic’s website at https://mhs-europe.tricare.mil/hohenfels.

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